Belostoma fittkaui De Carlo

Stefanello, Fabiano, 2021, The new Belostoma fittkaui species group with supplemental descriptions of B fittkaui De Carlo and B. sayagoi De Carlo, Zootaxa 4942 (4), pp. 583-591: 584-586

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Belostoma fittkaui De Carlo


Belostoma fittkaui De Carlo  

( Figure 2A View FIGURE 2 )

Belostoma fittkaui De Carlo, 1966: 100–101   .

Belostoma fittkaui: Schnack, 1976: 34   .

Supplemental description. Size and shape. Length: male (n=10) = 28.4–34.0, female (n=9) = 28.7–32.4; width: male = 13.8–17.5, female = 14.2–16.4. Body broad.

External morphology. Head: eyes triangular, with lateral margins straight; anteoculus as long as interoculus, about 0.94–1.00× ( Fig. 1C View FIGURE 1 ); vertex with a carina poorly elevated; article II of labium distinctly shorter than III, about 0.62–0.74×. Thorax: prosternal keel quite elevated with apex rounded, projecting forward; pronotum trapezoidal with lateral margins straight and a narrow fold extending to posterior portion; fore femur slender, subequal in width with middle femur; scutellum distinctly carinate. Abdomen: pilosity entirely covering sterna and connexivum, including second through seventh segments.

Male genitalia. Dorsal arms of phallosoma convergent, covering lateral margins of diverticulum and extending to distal portion of diverticulum in dorsal view; phallosoma slightly curved and diverticulum with a poorly developed ventral protuberance in lateral view; diverticulum more elliptical in ventral view.

Diagnosis. Article II of the labium distinctly shorter than III, about 0.62–0.74×, pilosity entirely covering the sterna and connexivum, and the body broad 2.0× as long as broad are diagnostic for this species.

Material examined. BRAZIL, Amazonas, Careiro da Várzea municipality, Purupuru lake , BR 319, 08.VIII.2012, N. Hamada col., F. Stefanello, 2018 det., 1♀ ( INPA)   . Barcelos municipality, Demini river , 00°38’05.3”S 62°51’52.7”W, 24.IX.2014, A.M.O. Pes et al. colls., F. Stefanello, 2018 det., 2³ and 2♀ ( INPA) GoogleMaps   . Santa Isabel do Rio Negro municipality, Maruiá river , 19.IX.2014, A.M.O. Pes et al. colls., F. Stefanello, 2018 det., 2♀ ( INPA)   . Roraima, Caracaraí municipality, Pretinho stream, near Jufari river , 00°57’45.6”S 62°06’40.2”W, 29.IX.2014, A.M.O. Pes et al. colls., F. Stefanello, 2018 det., 3³ and 4♀ ( INPA) GoogleMaps   . COLOMBIA, Vaupés, Mitú municipality, F. Stefanello, 2019 det., 1³ ( ICN)   . VENEZUELA, Amazonas, stream along Sipapo river , 04°55’50.9”N 67°44’38.6”W, 16.I.2009, A.E.Z. Short et al. colls., F. Stefanello, 2019 det., 3³ ( SEMC) GoogleMaps   . Apure, morichal between Orinoco and Cinaruco rivers, 06°30’53.9”N 7°32’36.2”W, 17.I.2009, A.E.Z. Short et al. colls., F. Stefanello, 2019 det., 1³ ( SEMC) GoogleMaps   . The holotype of B. fittkaui   housed in the MACN has been examined by photos of the habitus, head and abdominal pilosity.

Distribution. Previous records include Amazonas and Roraima states in Brazil ( De Carlo 1966, Almeida et al. 2019). New records include Vaupés Department in Colombia, as well as Amazonas and Apure states in Venezuela ( Fig. 3 View FIGURE 3 ).


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Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Museo de Historia Natural


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Belostoma fittkaui De Carlo

Stefanello, Fabiano 2021

Belostoma fittkaui: Schnack, 1976: 34

Schnack, J. A. 1976: 34

Belostoma fittkaui

De Carlo, J. A. 1966: 101