Neuroterus Hartig, 1840

Shachar, Einat, Melika, George, Inbar, Moshe & Dorchin, Netta, 2018, The oak gall wasps of Israel (Hymenoptera, Cynipidae, Cynipini) - diversity, distribution and life history, Zootaxa 4521 (4), pp. 451-498: 475

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Neuroterus Hartig, 1840


Neuroterus Hartig, 1840  

A large Holarctic genus of 92 species, which induce leaf, catkin and bud galls on oaks from sections Cerris and Quercus ( Melika & Abrahamson 2002)   . Alternation of generations is known. Six species are known from the Western Palaearctic and seven are known from the Eastern Palaearctic. Four species occur in Israel on Q. boissieri   and Q. ithaburensis   .