Tetramorium maurum Santschi

Güsten, R., Schulz, A. & Sanetra, M., 2006, Redescription of Tetramorium forte Forel, 1904 (Insecta: Hymenoptera: Formicidae), a western Mediterranean ant species., Zootaxa 1310, pp. 1-35: 27

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Tetramorium maurum Santschi


Tetramorium maurum Santschi  HNS  , 1918

Tetramorium caespitum st. maura Santschi  HNS  , 1918

Tetramorium maurum Santschi  HNS  : Santschi 1929

The taxonomy of this species is unsettled: the type series contains syntypes from all three Maghreb countries and is probably heterogeneous. However, the principal collection series among the syntypes in NHMB, comprising gynes, originate from northern Tunisia.  We base the comparison with T. forte  HNS  on these gynes. There is currently no indication that the species occurs in Morocco.


Switzerland, Basel, Naturhistorisches Museum