Loxophyllum rostratum Cohn, 1866

Vďačný, Peter & Rajter, Ľubomír, 2014, An annotated and revised checklist of pleurostome ciliates (Protista: Ciliophora: Litostomatea) from Slovakia, Central Europe, Zootaxa 3760 (4), pp. 501-521 : 517

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Loxophyllum rostratum Cohn, 1866


Loxophyllum rostratum Cohn, 1866

Loxophyllym rostratum— Matis & Tirjaková 1992: 52.

Main morphological characters (according to Lin et al. 2008). Length 100–300 × 40–70 µm in vivo. Body lanceolate with narrowly to broadly rounded posterior body end. Two macronuclear nodules with a single micronucleus in between. Contractile vacuole slightly subterminal. Extrusomes rod-shaped and sometimes slightly curved, 5–8 µm long, distributed along entire ventral margin and clustered into 6–12 warts on dorsal margin. Somatic ciliary pattern Loxophyllum -like; 16–19 right and 6–9 left kineties.

Distribution. This species was found in the backwaters of the Danube River in Čičov ( Matis & Tirjaková 1992).