Cleptes aurata Dahlbom, 1845,

Rosa, Paolo & Vardal, Hege, 2015, An annotated catalogue of the types of Chrysididae (Hymenoptera) at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, with brief historical notes, ZooKeys 495, pp. 79-132: 120

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Cleptes aurata Dahlbom, 1845


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Chrysididae

Cleptes aurata Dahlbom, 1845 

Cleptes aurata  : Dahlbom 1845: 2, nec Panzer, 1798.

Type locality.

"Bosfor, Hedenborg".


Móczár (1998b: 511) designated the neotype of Cleptes aurata  Dahlbom on a female specimen collected by Houska in Palestina and deposited at the HNHM.

Current status.

Cleptes dahlbomi  Semenov-Tian-Shanskij, 1909 (replacement name for Cleptes aurata  Dahlbom, 1845).