Melanopsis turgida Brot, 1878

Neubauer, Thomas A., 2016, A nomenclator of extant and fossil taxa of the Melanopsidae (Gastropoda, Cerithioidea), ZooKeys 602, pp. 1-358: 286

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scientific name

Melanopsis turgida Brot, 1878


Taxon classification Animalia Sorbeoconcha Melanopsidae

Melanopsis turgida Brot, 1878  [invalid]

Original source.

Brot 1874 - 1879: 373, pl. 38, fig. 5c.

Type locality.

"Glina Fluss in Ungarn" [Glina river], Croatia.


Described and illustrated in synonymy of " Hemisinus Esperi  " [now in Esperiana  ], based on a manuscript name by Parreyss. Clessin (1890) treated it as valid name and made it available thereby (see Note 2). Junior homonym of Melanopsis turgida  Fischer-de-Waldheim, 1837. Starobogatov et al. (1992: 60) considered the species as a junior synonym of Fagotia  [= Esperiana  ] esperi  ( Férussac, 1823).