Plumolepilius trifiniensis Barrios-Izás & Anderson, 2016

Barrios-Izás, Manuel A., Anderson, Robert S. & Morrone, Juan J., 2016, A taxonomic monograph of the leaf-litter inhabiting weevil genus Plumolepilius new genus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Molytinae: Conotrachelini) from Mexico, Guatemala, and El Salvador, Zootaxa 4168 (1), pp. 61-91 : 81-85

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4168.1.3

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Plumolepilius trifiniensis Barrios-Izás & Anderson

sp. nov.

Plumolepilius trifiniensis Barrios-Izás & Anderson , new species

( Figs. 58–64 View FIGURES 58 – 64 , 79, 88 View FIGURES 72 – 89 , 97 View FIGURES 90 – 98 , 99 View FIGURE 99 )

Diagnosis. Male. Length (1.65–2.10 mm). Width (0.95–1.55 mm). Subovate, antenna, tip of rostrum and legs rufescent; punctures deeply impressed. Vestiture of abundant recumbent scales, ochreous to dark brown. Rostrum punctate, basal half scabrous, apical half finely punctate, scrobes lateral, reaching the lower margin of eyes, antenna inserted behind middle, scape clavate, as long as desmomeres 1 to 3 together. Pronotum narrower than elytra, constricted in front, with 3 vittae of ochreous scales in dorsal view. Elytra with humeri laterally produced, tubercles absent, punctate-striate, 10 striae, interstices elevated except for 10, interstices 4 and 5 conspicuously produced at base of elytral declivity. Mesoventrite excavated. Abdominal ventrite 5 punctate, except at apex. Legs setulose, femora unarmed, all tibiae uncinate, premucro absent. Penis curved, parallel-sided, with two large, stout setae at apex, apodemes 2.4X longer than pedon, posterior genital sclerite sting-shaped, anterior genital sclerite with basal ring with 2 prominent projections. Manubrium almost as long as pedon.

Female. Length (1.75–2.35 mm). Width (1.05–1.40 mm). Elytra lacking humeri and tubercles.

Geographic distribution. El Salvador (Santa Ana) and Guatemala (Escuintla, Guatemala, Jalapa, Quiche, Sacatepequez, Santa Rosa, Suchitepequez). Fig. 99 View FIGURE 99 .

Derivation of the specific name. Named after the Biosphere Reserve Trifinio-Fraternidad, type locality.

Material examined. 289ƋƋ, 215♀♀ (ASUHIC, BMNH, CMNC, CNCI, CWOB, MCZ, MNCN, MZFC, URL, USAC, USNM, UVGC). Holotype Ƌ ( CMNC): EL SALVADOR : SANTA ANA. Cerro Montecristo , 21.7km N. E. Metapan, 2100m 29.VIII.1994 -228, R. Anderson hardwood forest litter berlese / Holotype Ƌ Plumolepilius trifiniensis sp. nov. Barrios-Izás & Anderson. Aedeagus extracted . Paratypes: same data as holotype (3ƋƋ 3♀♀ ASUHIC, 35ƋƋ 10♀♀ CMNC, 3ƋƋ 3♀♀ CWOB, 3ƋƋ 3♀♀ BMNH, 1Ƌ 1♀ MNCN, 1Ƌ 1♀ URL, 3ƋƋ 3♀♀ USAC, 1Ƌ 1♀ UVGC) . EL SAL. : Cerro Verde , 1900m, 14.v.71 S.Peck, Ber 210, leaflit (2ƋƋ 7♀♀, CMNC) . GUATEMALA: Escuintla. Volcán Pacaya , 2238m, 14.39242°N 90.59954°W, 23 Jun 2009, R.Anderson, ridge oak forest litter, 2009-115 (6ƋƋ 3♀♀, CMNC, 1Ƌ 1♀ CNCI) GoogleMaps . GUAT.: GUATEMALA CITY . 1km.S.E. La Pueblito, 1800m. 10.VI.1991, R. Anderson, wet oak forest litter, 91-58 (1Ƌ, CMNC). GUATEMALA: Guatemala. 5.9km ESE San José Pinula , 1850m, 14.53349°N 90.35941°W, 18 Sept 2008, M.G. Branstetter, cloud forest litter, MGB- 996 (1Ƌ, CMNC) GoogleMaps . GUATEMALA: Guatemala. Cerro Alux. Bos Encino nuboso. 14.IX.2012. 14.61115 -90.6424. 2246m. 4.5lt hoj. Winkler. Col M. Barrios MBI101 (1♀, CMNC) . GUATEMALA, Jalapa, Miramundo, Pino Dulce , 14.53388°N 90.15236°W. 2300m, 18.IX.2008, cloud forest ex sifted leaf litter, R.S. Anderson GoogleMaps , RSA2008-135 / WWD0030617. WWD0030764 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030766 (1♀, MCZ). WWD0030767 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030768 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030823 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030825 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030831 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030832 (1Ƌ, MCZ). WWD0030835 (1Ƌ, USNM). WWD0030836 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030837 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030841 (1♀, USNM). WWD0030893 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030894 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030895 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030896 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030897 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030899 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030900 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030929 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030930 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030931 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030932 (1Ƌ,

CMNC). WWD0030934 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030935 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030936 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030937 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030938 (1Ƌ, CMNC). GUATEMALA: Jalapa. 4km E Mataquescuintla , 14.53492 -90.15386 ± 105m, 2355m, 3Jun2009, LLAMA #Wm-B- 07-1-09, cloud forest leaf litter / WWD0079895 (1Ƌ, CMNC), WWD0079896 (1Ƌ, CMNC), WWD0079897 (1♀, CMNC), WWD0079898 (1♀, CMNC) . Same data except for 14.533 -90.153 ± 50m, 2400m, 1.VI.2009, LLAMA Wa-B-07-2 / WWD0039839 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . WWD0039840 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0039847 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0039848 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0039849 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040004 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040029 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040030 (1♀, CMNC).

WWD0040031 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040032 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040033 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040047 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040046 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040089 (1Ƌ, CMNC), WWD0040369. GUATEMALA: Jalapa, El Manzano , 14.50476°N 90.25613°W. 2150m, 18.IX.2008, oak/cloud forest ex sifted leaf litter, R.S. Anderson, RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -134 / WWD0030369 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030617 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030640 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030646 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030654 (1♀, CMNC). GUATEMALA: Jutiapa. Vol Chingo. Bos nuboso. 24.VIII.2014. -89.72 7905 14.116669. 1732m. 4.5lt hoj. Winkler. Col M. Barrios MBI431 (2ƋƋ 3♀♀, USAC) . GUATEMALA: Quiche. 1.5km S Chichicastenango , 14.91852°N 91.10458°W, 2000m, 17.IX.2008, oak/ostrya/ pine forest, ex sifted leaf litter, R. S. Anderson, RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -129 / WWD0030340 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030341 (1♀, CWOB). WWD0030342 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030343 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030344 (1Ƌ, CWOB). WWD0030345 (1♀, USAC). WWD0030346 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030348 (1Ƌ, USAC). WWD0030349 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030350 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030351 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030353 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030354 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030355 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030356 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030358 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030359 (1♀, CMNC) / EMB31. WWD0030361 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0030362 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030363 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0030365 (1Ƌ, CMNC). GUATEMALA: Quiche. 2.9km SSE Chichicastenango , 2000m, 14.91861°N 91.10449°W, 17.IX.2008, Laura Saenz, oak/pine forest, LSD-172 / WWD0021967 (1Ƌ, CMNC) GoogleMaps . WWD0021971 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0021975 (1Ƌ, CMNC) / EMB32. WWD0021977 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for M.G. Branstetter, oak/pine forest litter, MGB-991 (5ƋƋ, 1♀ CMNC). GUATEMALA: Sacatepequez (mislabeled, should say Suchitepequez), Volcan Atitlan , Ref. Quetzal, 14.55785°N 91.19203°W. 2000m, 10.IX.2008, ridge cloud/oak forest ex sifted leaf litter. R. S. Anderson RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -105 / WWD0022414 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022433 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022444 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0022446 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022472 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0022473 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0022477 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022496 / nr. Lepilius det. R.S. Anderson, 20 / EMB37 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022508 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022590 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022598 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0022599 (1♀, CMNC) / EMB38. WWD0022601 (1Ƌ, USNM). GUATEMALA: Sacatepequez. Cerro Carmona, El Pilar , 14.53452°N 90.69446°W. 2160m, 9.IX.2008, oak/ostrya forest ex sifted leaf litter, R. S. Anderson RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -101 / WWD0022222 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022248 / EMB13 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022253 / EMB12 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.54115°N 90.70483°W, 1980m, oak forest, ex. Sifted leaf litter, RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -102 / WWD0022293 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022297 (1Ƌ, CMNC). GUATEMALA: Sacatepequez. Cerro Alux , 14.61053°N 90.64191°W. 2190m, 9.IX.2008, oak forest ex sifted leaf litter, R. S. Anderson RSA 2008 GoogleMaps -100 / WWD0022120 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022145 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022146 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022148 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0022157 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0022178 (1♀, CMNC). GUATEMALA: Sacatepéquez. 5km SE Antigua, oak forest, 14.528 -90.689 ± 50m, 2350m, 10.VI.2009, LLAMA Wa-B-08-2 / WWD0041574 (1♀, CMNC) . WWD0041623 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041626 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041627 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041630 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041631 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041693 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041694 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041695 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041697 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041731 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041732 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041734 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041735 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041769 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041772 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041824 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041861 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041878 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041887 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0042566 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042599 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.528 -90.688. LLAMA Wa-B-08-2 / WWD0041509 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041515 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041453 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041454 (1Ƌ, CMNC). GUATEMALA: Sacatepéquez. 5km SE Antigua, 14.535 -90.694 ± 50m, 2150m, 10.VI.2009, LLAMA Wa-B-08-1 / WWD0040837 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . WWD0040950 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040984 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041121 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041123 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041125 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041126 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041127 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041130 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.535 -90.693, LLAMA Wa-B-08-1 / WWD0041336 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041356 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0041378 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0041380 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.536 -90.694, LLAMA Wa-B- 08-1 / WWD0040403 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040405 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040406 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040409 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040410 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040431 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040432 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040433 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040451 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0040452 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040525 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040527 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040607 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040659 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040670 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040673 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040679 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0040680 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.536 -90.694, LLAMA Wa-B-08-1 / WWD40396 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40398 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40428 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40430 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40488 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40631 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40633 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40676 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40704 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40716 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40717 (1♀, CMNC). WWD40723 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for oak forest, 14.526 - 90.689 2350m, LLAMA Wa-B-08-2 / WWD0042504 (1♀, CMNC) . WWD0042505 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0042506 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042533 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042536 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 14.530 -90.688 ± 47m, 2280m, 10Jun2009, LLAMA Wa-B-08-2, oak forest leaf litter / WWD0077618 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . WWD0077620 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for oak forest, 14.527 -90.689 2350m, LLAMA Wa-B-08-2 / WWD0042103 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . WWD0042172 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042208 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042256 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0042257 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042258 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0042259 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0042300 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042301 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042360 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042364 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0042405 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042437 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 14.538 -90.703 ± 45m, 1890m, 9Jun2009, LLAMA #Wm-B-08-1, hardwood forest leaf litter / WWD0077498 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . WWD0080032 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0080033 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0080034 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0080035 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.538 -90.704 ± 39m, 1875m, 9Jun2009, LLAMA #Wm-B-08-1, hardwood forest leaf litter / WWD0077956 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . WWD0077957 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0077958 (1♀, CMNC, USNM). WWD0077959 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0077960 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0077961 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0077962 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 14.536 -90.693 ± 35m, 2125m, 10Jun2009, LLAMA #Wm-B-08-1, hardwood forest leaf litter / WWD0079388 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . Same data except for 14.534 -90.693 ± 50m, LLAMA Wa-B-08-1 / WWD0041433 (1♀, CMNC) . WWD0041439 (1Ƌ, CMNC). GUAT.: SACATEPEQUEZ . Guatemala City, Cerro Alux , 2260m., 11.VI.1991, R. Anderson, wet oak forest litter, 91-60 (3ƋƋ 2♀♀, CMNC) . GUATEMALA: Santa Rosa. Volcán Tecuamburro. Bos Encino ripario. 1821m. 19.IV.2014. 14.1524 -90.4314. 4.5lt hoj. Winkler. Col M. Barrios MBI299 (9ƋƋ 13♀♀, USAC) . Same data except for 1741m. 14.15153 -90.43193. MBI298 (3♀♀, CMNC) . Same data except for 1739m. 14.1517 -90.43161. MBI297 (3ƋƋ 4♀♀, CMNC) . GUATEMALA: Sololá. 2km S Vol. Atitlán , 14.564 -91.185 ± 105m, 2365m, 17.VI.2009, LLAMA #Wm-B- 09-2-05, cloud forest leaf litter (2Ƌ 1♀, CMNC) . GUATEMALA: Suchitepequez. Volcan Atitlan, Refugio El Quetzal , 2366m, 14.56400°N 91.18525°W, 17 Jun 2009, R. Anderson, mixed hardwood forest, 2009-107 / WWD0077811 (1♀, CMNC) GoogleMaps . WWD0077812 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0077814 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0077815 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0077816 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0077817 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0077818 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0077819 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0077823 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0077825 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0077933 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0079934 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0079935 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0079940 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 2022m, 14.55827°N 91.19124°W, 16 Jun 2009, R.Anderson, oak forest, 2009-104 / WWD0078009 (1Ƌ, CMNC) GoogleMaps . WWD0078014 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0078015 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0078022 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0078011 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0078017 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0078018 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0079654 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 1577m, 14.54819°N 91.19232°W, 16 Jun 2009, R. Anderson, cloud forest litter, 2009-106 (2Ƌ 3♀, CMNC) GoogleMaps . GUATEMALA: Suchitepequez. Volcan Atitlan , 9.5 km SE Santiago Atitlan, 2000m, 14.55838°N 91.19133°W, 10 Sept 2008, M.G. Branstetter, cloud forest, MGB-932 (4ƋƋ 1♀, CMNC) GoogleMaps . Same data except for 2060m, 14.55901°N 91.18995°W, MGB-933 / WWD0013388 (1♀, CMNC) GoogleMaps . GUAT.: SACATEPEQUEZ. 4.5km. S.W . San Miguel Duenas, 1760m., 12.VI.1991, R. Anderson, mesic hardwood forest litter, 91-61 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . GUATEMALA: Suchitepéquez. 4km S Vol. Atitlán , 14.551 -91.193 ± 306m, 1750m, 15.VI.2009, LLAMA #Wm-B-09-2, cloud forest leaf litter / WWD0078078 (1Ƌ, CMNC) . Same data except for 15.Jun.2009 (1♀, CMNC) . GUATEMALA: Suchitepéquez. 4km S Vol. Atitlán , cloud forest, 14.549 -91.190 ± 50m, 1625m, 15.VI.2009, LLAMA Wa-B-09-1 / WWD0043137 (1♀, CWOB) . WWD0043138 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043152 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043176 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043182 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043183 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043186 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043189 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043202 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043205 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043212 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043213 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043245 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043246 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043266 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043269 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043271 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043273 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043293 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043312 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043317 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043364 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043365 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043366 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043447 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.548 -91.190 LLAMA Wa-B-09-1 / WWD0042778 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042800 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042801 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0042825 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042953 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 14.550 -91.189 LLAMA Wa-B-09-1 / WWD0043554 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043555 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.551 -91.193 ± 50m, 1750m, 15.VI.2009, LLAMA Wa-B-09-2 / WWD0043673 (1♀, CMNC) . WWD0043675 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043706 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043725 (1♀, CMNC).

WWD0043726 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043728 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043729 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043745 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043747 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043773 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043796 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043818 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043841 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043842 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0043883 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0043897 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0078075 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0078081 (1♀, CMNC). Same data except for 14.552 -91.193 ± 50m, / WWD0043925 (1Ƌ, UVGC) . WWD0043929 (1♀, ECOS). WWD0043953 (1Ƌ, USAC). WWD0043954 (1Ƌ, ECOS). WWD0044013 (1♀, MZFC). WWD0044017 (1Ƌ, MZFC). WWD0044028 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044048 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044058 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044059 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044061 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044062 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044058 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044059 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044061 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044062 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044087 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044093 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044094 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044100 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044103 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044134 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044194 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044225 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044226 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044228 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044285 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044287 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044288 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044289 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044293 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044298 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044314 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044355 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044356 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044364 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044366 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044382 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044385 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044405 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044412 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044422 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044425 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044427 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044444 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0044449 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044452 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.548 -91.191 LLAMA Wa-B- 09-1 / WWD0042651 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042701 (1♀, CMNC). WWD0042703 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0042732 (1Ƌ, CMNC). Same data except for 14.553 -91.193, 1750m, 15.VI.2009, LLAMA Wa-B-09-2 / WWD0044479 (1♀, CMNC) . WWD0044517(1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044518 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044519 (1Ƌ, CMNC). WWD0044540 (1♀, CMNC). GUATEMALA: SUCHITEP. 10km SE Santiago Atitlán , 14.55195 -91.19329 ± 20m, 1690m, 10.IX.2008, Quercus forest leaf litter, M.G.Branstetter # MGB 931 View Materials / WWD0092551 (1Ƌ, BMNH) . GUATEMALA. Suchitepequez. Finca Tarrales. 16.VII. 2013. 1746m. Bosque encino. 14.55830 -91.16647. Hojarasca 4.5lt Wink. Col. M. Barrios. MBI161 (2♀♀, URLC) . Same data except for 1732m. 14.55696 -91.16717. MBI162 (1♀, CURL) . GUATEMALA. Suchitepequez. Patulul. RNP. Tarrales Vesuvio. 25.VII. 2013.14.56549 - 91.17207. 2192m. Bos Nuboso. Hojarasca 4.5lt. Col. M. Barrios. MBI167 (4Ƌ, CMNC) . GUATEMALA. Suchitepequez. Volcán Atitlán. B. Encino. 2255m. 25.VII.2013. 14.56641 -91.17278. Hojarasca 4.5lt Maxi Winkler. Col. M. Barrios. MBI168 (1Ƌ 2♀, USAC) . Same data except for 1774m. 16.VII.2013. 14.5583 -91.16785. Winkler. MBI159-163 (1Ƌ, CMNC) .


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