Paraneolepta marginata ( Jacoby, 1884 ) Hazmi & Wagner, 2013

Hazmi, Izfa Riza & Wagner, Thomas, 2013, Revision Of Neolepta Jacoby, 1884 And Related Galerucines From The Oriental Region, Including Descriptions Of Two New Genera (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Galerucinae), Raffles Bulletin of Zoology 61 (1), pp. 73-95 : 82-83

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Paraneolepta marginata ( Jacoby, 1884 )

comb. nov.

Paraneolepta marginata ( Jacoby, 1884) , new combination

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Ochralea marginata Jacoby, 1884: 55–56

Luperodes marginata Baly, 1886: 30–31 ; new synonym Luperodes cincta Weise, 1921: 30 ; replacement name for Luperodes marginatus Baly, 1886 ; new synonym

Type material. — Ochralea marginata : Lectotype, Male, “Soerol., 4.18 / Ochralea marginata Jac. “ ( NNML; Fig. 23 View Fig ). Type locality: Indonesia, Soerol , 0°35’S / 101°20’E. Jacoby (1884) stated that there are at least two specimens when he described the species. Thus we designate a lectotype to fix the specimen that available to us. GoogleMaps

Luperodes marginata : Holotype, “Suma. / Luperodes marginata / Type / Luperodes marginata Baly , Type“ ( BMNH; Fig. 24 View Fig ). Type locality: Indonesia, Sumatra. Baly gave no number on the specimens he studied, but there are three specimens available, and only one of them carries a label with “type”, which can be treated as holotype by indication . – Paratypes, 2 ex., Sumatra, Baly coll. ( BMNH)

Further material examined. — Indonesia. 16 ex., Sumatra, Museum Leiden , ex. collection, J. J. de Vos tot, Nederveen Cappel ( NNML) ; 15 ex., Sumatra, Palembang , 2°59'S / 104°45'E, M. Knappert, coll. Vth. ( NNML) GoogleMaps ; 5 ex., Dr. B. Hagen, Tandjong Morawa Serdang (N. O. Sumatra), 0°35'S / 101°18'E ( NNML) GoogleMaps ; 4 ex., N. E. Sumatra, Deli, Seleleh, Kuala Limpang , Medang Ara State , 3°34'N / 98°40'E, Mar.1954, A. Sollaart, Lowland Forest ( NNML) GoogleMaps ; 2 ex., Sumatra, S. E. coast, Laut Tador , 90 m, 3°32'N / 99°04'E, 2/ 5 Aug.1950, E. Straatman leg. ( NNML) GoogleMaps ; 1 ex., Java, Wallace , 6°23'S / 106°48'E, 67.56 ( NNML) GoogleMaps ; 1 ex., marginata Jac., Jacoby coll. 1909-28a ( BMNH) .

Total length. — 7.10–10.10 mm (mean: 8.45mm; n = 10)

Head. — Reddish-brown, impunctate. Antennae pale brown ( Fig. 17 View Figs ). Ratio length of second to third antennomere 0.83–0.86 (mean: 0.85); slender, ratio length of third to fourth antennomere 0.43–0.50 (mean: 0.47; Fig. 18 View Figs ).

Thorax. — Pronotum pale brown to reddish-brown, finely punctuated. Pronotal width 2.25–2.70 mm (mean: 2.46 mm), ratio length to width 0.60–0.63 (mean: 0.61). Scutellum black. Elytra entirely yellow to brownish, sutural and lateral margin narrowly black. Elytral length 1.40–1.65 mm (mean: 1.51 mm), maximal width of both elytra together 2.25–2.70 mm (mean: 2.46 mm), ratio of maximal width of both elytra together to length of elytra 0.65–0.70 (mean: 0.67). Legs entirely pale yellow to brownish.

Abdomen. — Pale yellow to brown.

Male genitalia. — Median lobe is broad at middle and slightly narrowed towards apex and not incised apically.

Tectum broadened at apex and with a fine, pointed tip ( Fig. 19a View Figs ). Endophallus consist of a bundle of laterally arranged long, slender and straight median spiculae. At the bottom of the median spiculae, several basal endophallus structures. Sacculus clearly visible ( Fig. 19 View Figs ).

Female genitalia. — Spermatheca like description of the genus ( Fig. 20 View Figs ), two pairs of bursa sclerites like Fig. 21 View Figs .

Distribution. — This species was often collected at Sumatra Island, and occurred also in Java ( Fig. 22 View Fig ).

Diagnosis. — Paraneolepta marginata is on average the largest species of this group (7.10–10.10 mm). The antennae are slender and entirely pale yellow to brown. The body colouration is brownish with narrowly black suture, and the punctuation of the pronotum is coarse. The median lobe is larger and broad from base to apex, the tectum is also broadened at the tip. The spermatheca is big and two pairs of bursa sclerites evenly sclerotised.














Paraneolepta marginata ( Jacoby, 1884 )

Hazmi, Izfa Riza & Wagner, Thomas 2013

Luperodes marginata

Baly, J 1886: 31

Ochralea marginata

Jacoby, M 1884: 56
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