Melanopsis pictus Hoernes , 1856

Neubauer, Thomas A., 2016, A nomenclator of extant and fossil taxa of the Melanopsidae (Gastropoda, Cerithioidea), ZooKeys 602, pp. 1-358: 215

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scientific name

Melanopsis pictus Hoernes , 1856


Taxon classification Animalia Sorbeoconcha Melanopsidae

Melanopsis pictus Hoernes, 1856 

Original source.

Hörnes 1851-1856: 600, pl. 49, fig. 14.

Type horizon.

Badenian, middle Miocene.

Type locality.

“Grund”, Austria.


After Wenz (1929: 2505) this species belongs in the genus Semisinus  P. Fischer, 1885, which is an unjustified emendation of Hemisinus  Swainson, 1840 ( Thiaridae  ).