Lepus californicus (Gray, 1837)

Álvarez-Córdova, Fernando & Fernández, Jesús A., 2021, Medium-sized and large mammals of the pine-oak forests and grasslands of the Rancho Experimental Teseachi in Chihuahua, Mexico, Check List 17 (2), pp. 669-681 : 672-673

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https://doi.org/ 10.15560/17.2.669

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Lepus californicus (Gray, 1837)


Lepus californicus (Gray, 1837) View in CoL

Black-tailed Jackrabbit

Figure 2A

Material examined. MEXICO – Chihuahua • 4; Municipality of Namiquipa ; 28°46′42″N, 107°27′45″W GoogleMaps ;

elevation 2,170 m a.s.l.; 21 April 2018; obs. F. Álvarez-Córdova • 4; Municipality of Namiquipa ; 28°47′01″N, 107° 28′12″W; elevation 2,138 m a.s.l.; 2 October 2020; obs. F. Álvarez-Córdova GoogleMaps • 2; 28°47′18″N, 107°28′36″W; ele- vation 2,121 m a.s.l.; 6 October 2018; obs. F. Álvarez- Córdova • 1; Municipality of Namiquipa ; 28°47′30″N, 107°28′49″W, elevation 2,124 m a.s.l.; 21 January 2021; obs. F. Álvarez-Córdova GoogleMaps .

Identification. This is the second largest species of the genus in Chihuahua and the only species inhabiting the highlands of the Sierra Madre Occidental. Its large, blacktipped ears and hind feet make it distinguishable from S. floridanus in the area. There is a black line in the middle of the back that reaches the tail. The sides are light brown mixed with gray hairs ( Anderson 1972; Best 1996).

Distribution. Central and western United States of America (USA); in Mexico, in Baja California, the Sonoran and Chihuahuan deserts to Tamaulipas in eastern Mexico, through the Mexican Plateau to northern Tlaxcala in the Transmexican Volcanic Belt (TMVB) in central Mexico ( Best 1996). Recorded habitats in Chihuahua are sierras, valleys, and arid lands.

Remarks. This is the only species of Lepus Linnaeus, 1758 in the region ( López-González and García-Mendoza 2012). Lepus californicus is frequently seen at night in the open areas of the ranch.













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