Hyboptera Chaudoir, 1872

Erwin, Terry L. & Henry, Shasta C., 2017, Hyboptera Chaudoir, 1872 of the Cryptobatida group of subtribe Agrina: A taxonomic revision with notes on their ways of life (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini), ZooKeys 714, pp. 61-127 : 66-67

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Hyboptera Chaudoir, 1872


Hyboptera Chaudoir, 1872 Humps-backed beetles Figs 1 View Figure 1 , 2 View Figure 2 , 3 View Figure 3 , 4 View Figure 4 , 5 View Figure 5 , 6 View Figure 6 , 7 View Figure 7 , 8 View Figure 8 , 9 View Figure 9 , 10 View Figure 10 , 11 View Figure 11

Hyboptera Chaudoir, 1872: 161. Type species: Hyboptera angulicollis Chaudoir, 1872: 164, designated by Reichardt (1973:50).

Aspasia Reiche, 1842: 310 (not Dejean 1831). Type species: Aspasia verrucosa Reiche, 1842: 310. Synonymized by Chaudoir 1872: 161.


(cf. Figs 1 View Figure 1 - 10 View Figure 10 ). Neck broad; eyes very large, hemispherical; frons markedly rugose, more or less anteriorly depressed. Prothorax wider than head; sides of pronotum broadly reflexed throughout, rounded or subangulate at mid-lateral setigerous pore. Elytron at basal third very slightly transversely depressed, surface uneven, markedly tuberculate overall. Flight wings of a dusky color. Basitarsus of mid and hind legs markedly elongate, coequal to length of tarsomeres 2-5 combined; males with adhesive setae on tarsomeres 1-3. Endophallus with flagellum; flagellum extruded at apex in many specimens.

Dispersal potential.

The wings are fully developed in adults of all known species, thus it is likely these beetles are moderate to strong flyers.

Geographic distribution.

A widespread southern Nearctic and Neotropical genus known from Texas, USA, south to southeastern Brazil, in the west to Bolivia, and east to French Guiana.

Ways of life.

Much is known about the species in this genus and that is reported here for the first time. Adults of various species are regularly collected in both the wet and dry seasons using insecticidal fogging techniques in many species of trees reaching the forest canopy in the Amazon Basin, thus they are certainly mainly arboreal. They are good flyers as evidenced by their capture in Malaise traps, C.D.C. mosquito traps, FITs, and at different types of light traps. At Barro Colorado Island in Panamá, one of us (TLE) collected adults from the forest floor amongst the large shed anther rings of trees of the species Pseudobombax septenatum (Jacq.) Dugand; these rings being a moisture source on the forest floor during the dry season ( Erwin 1991, 2004). Warren E. Steiner collected several larvae and pupae along with emerging adults of Hyboptera verrucosa (Reiche) under bark of a living fence post in Panamá. These immature stages have yet to be described and illustrated (Erwin and Steiner, in prep).


Five species have been previously described in this genus, along with three species in its adelphotaxon, Hybopteroides Erwin & Ball, 2012. Apparently, Lorenz (1998) was unaware of the Reichardt (1973) paper designating a type species ( H. angulicollis Chaudoir) for the genus and unnecessarily designated H. tuberculata (Dejean), as the type species. The former stands.

Included species.

The species list below, as well as the arrangement of descriptions that follows, is ordered alphabetically within two species groups.

angulicollis species group

Hyboptera angulicollis Chaudoir, 1872:164; Brazil - Pará; Colombia; Ecuador; French Guiana; Perú; Suriname.

Hyboptera biolat Erwin & Henry, sp. n.; Perú.

Hyboptera vestiverdis Henry & Erwin, sp. n.; Ecuador; Perú.

Hyboptera scheelea Erwin & Henry, sp. n.; Perú.

Hyboptera shasta Erwin, sp. n.; Brazil - Amazonas.

Hyboptera tepui Erwin & Henry, sp. n.; Venezuela.

Hyboptera tiputini Erwin & Henry, sp. n.; Colombia; Ecuador; Perú.

Hyboptera viridivittis Chaudoir, 1872:164; Brazil - Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Santa Catarina.

tuberculata species group

Hyboptera apollonia Erwin, 2004: 33; Costa Rica; Panamá.

Hyboptera auxilidora Erwin, 2004: 35; Costa Rica; Honduras; México - VC; Panamá, USA - TX.

Hyboptera dilutior Oberthür, 1884: 52; Brazil - Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia; Ecuador; French Guiana; Perú; Venezuela.

Hyboptera lucida Henry & Erwin, sp. n.; Ecuador; French Guiana.

Hyboptera tuberculata (Dejean), 1825: 272; Bolivia; Brazil - Amazonas, Sergipe; Colombia; Ecuador; Guyana; French Guiana; Perú; Suriname.

Hyboptera verrucosa (Reiche), 1842: 311; Brazil - Amazonas; Colombia; Ecuador; French Guiana; Panamá; Perú; Suriname; Trinidad and Tobago; Venezuela.












Hyboptera Chaudoir, 1872

Erwin, Terry L. & Henry, Shasta C. 2017


Chaudoir 1872

Hyboptera angulicollis

Chaudoir 1872

Aspasia verrucosa

Reiche 1842