Chrysis corusca Valkeila, 1971,

Rosa, Paolo & Vardal, Hege, 2015, An annotated catalogue of the types of Chrysididae (Hymenoptera) at the Swedish Museum of Natural History, Stockholm, with brief historical notes, ZooKeys 495, pp. 79-132: 83-84

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Chrysis corusca Valkeila, 1971


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Chrysididae

Chrysis corusca Valkeila, 1971  Plate 2

Chrysis corusca  : Valkeila 1971: 84.

Type locality.

Sweden: "Nrk. Åsbro Lerbäck”.

Holotype ♀.

[Sweden Närke Lerbäck, Åsbro 1968 G. Hallin] [390 81] <red label> [ Chrysis ♀ corusca  n.sp. det. E. Valkeila - 69 Holotypus] [NRM Sthlm Loan 2571/08] [Naturhistoriska Riksmuseet Stockholm Loan no 1483/96] [ Chrysis ♀ schencki  Lins. det. O. Niehuis 1997] [NHRS-HEVA000001070].


For a very long time Chrysis corusca  remained an enigmatic species. Linsenmaier (1987, 1997a) did not even cite it in his revisional works on the European species. Also the most important European revisions or checklists published in the 1990s ( Kunz 1994; Mingo 1994; Strumia 1995) did not include Chrysis corusca  . Kimsey and Bohart (1991: 400) were the first authors to include Chrysis corusca  in a catalogue with the status of valid species. Diagnostic characteristics were cited in the original description, Niehuis (2000: 184) found other better and usable characteristics, and later listed Chrysis corusca  as a valid species widely distributed in Germany ( Niehuis 2001: 120). A detailed morphological analysis of this species was finally provided by van der Smissen (2010: 69) in her monographical work on the Chrysis ignita  group. Soon and Saarma (2011) included Chrysis corusca  in their molecular analysis. The distribution of this species is still poorly known and related to central and north European countries ( Paukkunen et al. 2014). However we do believe that Chrysis corusca  could have a wide distributional range and that data are missing because of misidentifications with other species within the Chrysis ignita  species group ( Rosa et al. 2013).

In the original description Valkeila listed 3 females (holotype and 2 paratypes) from Närke Lerbäck, Åsbro (leg. G. Hallin). At the moment only the holotype is present in the general collection. The two paratypes are in Gunnar Hallin’s private collection, which is scheduled for donation to the NHRS (H. Vårdal, pers. comm.).

Current status.

Chrysis corusca  Valkeila, 1971.