Proformica nasuta (Nylander, 1856)

Lapeva-Gjonova, Albena, Antonova, Vera, Radchenko, Alexander G. & Atanasova, Maria, 2010, Catalogue of the ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of Bulgaria, ZooKeys 62, pp. 1-124: 37

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Proformica nasuta (Nylander, 1856)


Proformica nasuta (Nylander, 1856) 


(Map 71): EasternStara Planina Mts: Sliven [ Atanassov 1934 (as Formica nasuta  )]; Thracian Lowland: Krichim [ Atanassov 1934 (as Formica nasuta  )]; Western Rhodopi Mts: Radilovo vill. (Peshtera) [ Atanassov 1936 (as Formica nasuta  )].


Atanassov and Dlusskij (1992) noted that specimens determined by Forel (1892) and Atanassov (1964) as Proformica nasuta  in fact are Proformica striaticeps  (see below). At the same time, they stressed that material, based on which ( Atanassov (1934, 1936) recorded Proformica nasuta  for Bulgaria, has been lost, and it is impossible to make definitive conclusion on the taxonomic status of those ants. Proformica nasuta  is definitely distributed in the Iberian Peninsula and France, but it is also recorded from Romania and Greece (see Mark√≥ et al. 2006, Radchenko 2007). As we cannot exclude its occurrence in Bulgaria, we include this species in the current list; on the other hand, this data needs confirmation.