Goetheana shakespearei,

Gumovsky, Alex, 2016, Review of Afrotropical species of Goetheana Girault (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae), with description of a new species, Zootaxa 4147 (5), pp. 551-563: 560

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Goetheana shakespearei


Goetheana shakespearei  / G. incerta 

( Fig. 1View FIGURE 1 C, E, 2C, 3F, H)

Comparative notes. As stated above, females of G. shakespearei  and G. i n c er t a are considered as indistinguishable in this study. However, they are easily separable from females of G. kobzari  , described below, because they have a uniformly dark mesosoma and the apical area of fore wing has distinct setation ( Figs 1View FIGURE 1 C, E, 2C).

Material examined. Specimens studied by D.P. Annecke and identified as “ Goetheana parvipennis  ”: ♀, slide with body under one small ring, Republic of South Africa, “ Goetheana parvipennis (Gahan)  , det. Annecke, T 14-1  , South Africa, Skukuza , Tvl., iii.1962, D. P. Annecke, Suction trap ”  ; ♀, ibid., T14-2, XII.1969; ♀, ibid., T14-3; ♀, ibid., T14-4, iii.1960; ♀, ibid., T14, i.1960; 2♀, ibid., XII.1959 (SANC); non-identified by D.P. Annecke: ♀, slide with body under ring cover slip, Republic of South Africa, “ Goetheana  sp.”, “T185, Skukuza , Tvl., VI.1960, D. P. Annecke ”  ; ♀, ibid., but “T185” (SANC); ♀ (mentioned in: Grout & Stephen (1995), slide with body under one ring cover slip, “ Goetheana  sp.”, “ South Africa, Letaba Estates , TVL. III.1985, M. Gilbert, ex nymphs of thrips on citrus” ( SANC). 

Other material: ♀, Republic of South Africa, Johannesburg, Northcliff , ex hort: suburban garden, S 26°8’26.149”, E 27°57’40.349”, yellow pan traps, 30.IX.2015 (A. Gumovsky)GoogleMaps  ; 3♀, ibid., 01.X.–03.X.2015, under Kiggelaria africana  (SIZK, SANC); ♀, Limpopo Province, near Phalaborwa town, Palabora Copper Mine Game reserve, “ Marula line”, burned area of semi-arid open woodland with dominance of Dichrostachys cinerea  , 10– 13.XII.2014 (A. Gumovsky); 3 Ƌ, ibid., Molengraaf Farm between the Palabora Copper Mine and Phalaborwa town , yellow pan traps, 25.V.2014 (A. Gumovsky & C. Davies)  ; 6 ♀, Namibia, Tsumeb vicinity, Dundee Precious Metals property, “ Mouse place” (in front of mine offices), semi-arid Karst Woodland , Dichrostachys cinerea  shrub area, yellow pan traps, 14–20.VIII.2014 (A. Gumovsky)  ; 24 ♀, Tsumeb vicinity, Dundee Precious Metals property, “ Black soil” (a highly polluted area), semi-arid Karst Woodland , Dichrostachys cinerea  shrub area, yellow pan traps, 19–28.VIII.2014 (A. Gumovsky)  ; 13♀, Namibia, ~ 20 km SE of Tsumeb, Baltimore Farm, semi-arid Karst Woodland , yellow pan traps, 18–23.VIII.2014 (A. Gumovsky)  ; ♀ (with last four gastral tergites brownish), Uganda, Rwenzori Mts., Nyakalengija Village , path to mountains, 14.III.2013 (A. Gumovsky)  ; ♀, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ituri Province (previously Ituri Interim Administration, Orientale Province), Djugu Territory , Mongbwalu Gold Mining headquarters, agroforestry patch, yellow pan traps, N 01°56’29.82”, E 30°02’19.17”, 2–9.III.2015 (A. Gumovsky)GoogleMaps  ; ♀, ibid., Lodjo mining exploration camp, forest near artisanal mining area, 26.I.2014 (A. Gumovsky)  ; 3 ♀, Senegal, Dakar, Botanical Garden of the Cheikh Anta Diop University , near pond, 3.IV.2008 (A. Gumovsky) ( SIZK, SANC)  ; 4 ♀, Tanzania, Mkomazi Game Reserve, Ibaya camp, S 3°58’, E 37°48’, Acacia  spp. bushveld, yellow pan trap, 9–10.XII.1995, SAM-HYM PO15132 (S. van Noort) ( SAMC).GoogleMaps 


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