Rhicnogryllus, Chopard, 1925

Tan, Ming Kai, Baroga-Barbecho, Jessica B. & Yap, Sheryl A., 2019, An account on the Orthoptera from Siargao Island (Southeast Asia: Philippines: Mindanao), Zootaxa 4609 (1), pp. 1-30 : 12-15

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4609.1.1

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Rhicnogryllus nr. bipunctatus Ingrisch, 1987

(Grylloidea: Trigonidiidae : Trigonidiinae )

(Fig. 16)

Material examined. 1 female (Siargao18_60), Barangay Esperanza, Del Carmen, N9.86816, E126.02669. 61.2± 7.9 m, 16 October 2018, 0 922 hours, on foliage of herbaceous plant.

Female of R. bipunctatus was previously unknown ( Ingrisch, 1987). Our single female specimen somewhat resembles the colour patterns of R. bipunctatus but differs in the tegmen without basal white spot but with a narrow transverse band at the base posterior of the apical margin of pronotum (see Ingrisch, 1987). The female of R. bipunctatus was collected by MKT in Brunei Darussalam (unpublished data) and shares the white spots found in the male. As such, our specimen probably represents a different species rather than sexual dimorphism. The males are needed for further verification. Ovipositor short, barely reaching apex of cercus; basal half straight and apical half slightly curved dorsad; ventral and dorsal margins dentated; ventral valve surpassing dorsal valve, apex acute.

Measurements (in mm): BL = 3.3; PL = 0.97; PW = 0.99; PH = 0.92; TL = 1.7; HFL = 3.1; HFW = 0.8; HTL = 3.0; OL = 1.5.

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