Segestidea punctipennis Bolívar, 1903

Tan, Ming Kai, Baroga-Barbecho, Jessica B. & Yap, Sheryl A., 2019, An account on the Orthoptera from Siargao Island (Southeast Asia: Philippines: Mindanao), Zootaxa 4609 (1), pp. 1-30 : 22

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.4609.1.1

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Segestidea punctipennis Bolívar, 1903


Segestidea punctipennis Bolívar, 1903

(Tettigonioidea: Phaneropteridae : Mecopodinae )

(Fig. 18)

Material examined. 2 females (Siargao18_13, 14), Barangay Katipunan, Del Carmen, N9.87598, E126.00928, 28.3± 5.5 m, 7 April 2018, 2016 hours, on coconut leaf; 1 male (Siargao18_32), Mahayahay, Del Carmen, N9.86041, E126.03298, 49.5± 5.8 m, 8 April 2018, 2347 hours, on wilted coconut leaf.

Species endemic to the Philippines. Male previously unknown and is described here: stridulatory file on left tegmen straight (1.9 mm long); mirror of right tegmen bean-shaped, 1.4 times longer than wide, scraper curved (0.9 mm long). Apical tooth of cercus stout [compared to Segestidea defoliaria (Uvarov, 1924) from New Guinea], more elongated than broad; lateral lobe cylindrical [instead of flattened in S. defoliaria (Uvarov, 1924) and Segestidea leefmansi (Willemse, 1940) ] and stylus very stout, nipple-like [instead of acute and process-like in S. defoliaria (Uvarov, 1924) and S. leefmansi (Willemse, 1940) ]. Most resemble Segestidea soror Hebard, 1922 from Maluka but differ in the absence of spots on tegmina and the emargination at the apex of subgenital plate more rounded (instead of angular).

Measurements of male (in mm): BL = 30.4; PL = 5.1; PW = 4.5; PH = 3.7; TL = 38.0; HFL = 28.0; HFW = 3.8 mm; HTL = 27.9.

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