Erpobdella testacea (Savigny, 1822)

Baturina, Maria A., Kaygorodova, Irina A. & Loskutova, Olga A., 2020, New data on species diversity of Annelida (Oligochaeta, Hirudinea) in the Kharbey lakes system, Bolshezemelskaya tundra (Russia), ZooKeys 910, pp. 43-78 : 43

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Erpobdella testacea (Savigny, 1822)


66. Erpobdella testacea (Savigny, 1822)

Nephelis testacea Savigny, 1822

Herpobdella testacea Blanchard, 1894

Geographic distribution.

Palaearctic region. In tundra zone of Russia: northern part of Western Siberia ( Lukin 1976; Zaloznyj 1984).


There is no specimen in our collection from the Kharbey area.


This species is rare or absent in the northwestern part of Russia. Usually, it inhabits stagnant waters.