Cardiocondyla mauritia , Donisthorpe, H. S. J. K., 1946

Donisthorpe, H. S. J. K., 1946, New species of ants (Hym., Formicidae) from the island of Mauritius., Annals and Magazine of Natural History 12, pp. 776-782: 776-777

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Cardiocondyla mauritia

sp. n.

Cardiocondyla mauritia  HNS  , sp. n.

[[ worker ]]. Head, thorax and petiole light reddish brown, legs and antennae lighter, clubs of antennae, post-petiole and gaster darker brown.

Head rectangular, longer than broad, sides almost straight, posterior angles rounded, posterior border almost straight, very finely granulate, and furnished with very short decumbent yellow hairs; mandibles small, broad, triangular, masticatory border with a short pointed tooth at base, a longer, sharper tooth at apex, and four much smaller blunt teeth between; clypeus triangular, somewhat convex, anterior border rounded; frontal area indistinct; frontal carinae, short and straight; eyes fairly large and prominent, situated considerably in front of middle of sides of head; antennae 12 - jointed, scape not reaching posterior border of head, funiculus with first joint longer and broader than the following eight joints, club large, 3 - jointed, first joint narrowed and considerably shorter than second, last joint longer than the two preceding taken together. Thorax longer than broad, narrower than head, broadest at anterior angles of pronotum, which are rounded, but distinct; no suture between pro- and mesonotum; promesonotum somewhat flat on disc, somewhat shining and more finely punctured than head; suture between mesonotum and epinotum well marked; epinotum with dorsal surface convex and longer than declivity, which is concave, armed with two well-developed, sharply-pointed teeth; petiole with a raised node, rounded in profile; post-petiole broad, transverse, rounded above and at sides, considerably broader than node of petiole; gaster long oval, narrowed to apex.

Long. 2 mm.

No. 102. Described from four workers taken by R. Mamet, Mauritius, 1941 - 1945. Type in B. M. Coll.