Leptocurtilla juanmanueli, Cadena-Castañeda, Oscar J., 2015

Cadena-Castañeda, Oscar J., 2015, The phylogeny of mole crickets (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpoidea: Gryllotalpidae), Zootaxa 3985 (4), pp. 451-490: 480-482

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Leptocurtilla juanmanueli

n. sp.

Leptocurtilla juanmanueli   n. sp.

(figs. 114–117, 122 – 123)

Diagnosis. Ovoid ocelli prominent (fig. 114), stridulating file not a cute (fig. 117), latero-basal plate of ectophallus sub ovoid, not elongated (figs. 122, 123).

Holotype. ♂. Colombia, Amazonas, Parque Natural Nacional (Natural National Park) Amacayacu. 2 October, 2012. Rodriguez leg. (MUD).

Paratypes. 2 ♂.same data as holotype (a male deposited in MUD and other in UNAB).

Description. Mid-sized body, light brownish in color. Ovoid, prominent ocelli (fig. 114) and ovoid pronotum, not very elongated. Frontal prominence of the hind femora covering two-thirds of the femora, wedge shaped, moderately thickened. Basal process of the fore femora lens-shaped, moving dactyls triangle-shaped, fixed dactyls acute (fig. 115). Tegmina covering the base of the second abdominal segment, wing venation as in figure 116, stridulating file with 38 teeth (fig. 117), wings surpassing the end of the abdomen and covering the thickened region of the cerci. Phallic complex: Epiphallus: Transversal sclerite triangular and with concave dorsal margin, and with concave dorsal margin, distal margin of the medial prolongation wavy with two lateral prominences. Ectophallus: latero-basal plate sub ovoid and not elongated, internal process calendric-shaped and reduced (figs. 122–123).

Etymology. Dedicated to the forest engineer Juan Manuel Cardona Granda, for his help and contributions to the knowledge of Colombian acridofauna and his help with translating into English the manuscripts regarding research on mole crickets (phallic structures, phylogeny and fossil status).

Measurements (mm). Tl: 19–20, P: 6–6.5, Teg: 7, Hf: 7, Ht: 4–4.5.


Universidad Nacional, Facultad de Agronomia