Cadena-Castañeda, Oscar J., 2015, The phylogeny of mole crickets (Orthoptera: Gryllotalpoidea: Gryllotalpidae), Zootaxa 3985 (4), pp. 451-490 : 468

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Scapteriscinae Zeuner, 1939

Diagnosis. Medium to large mole crickets bearing two protibial dactyls and with a broad, fore trochanter elongated and developed. Hind femora shorter than pronotum, first tarsomere armed with an interno-apical spine Length of cerci usually not longer than the length of the pronotum. Phallic complex: Epiphallus with an elongated medial projection, transversal sclerite distally forked, basal sclerite tube-like, distal sclerite elongated and pronounced. Ectophallus: Parameres separate or frontally fused.