Leptomyrmex pilosus , Smith, D. J. & Shattuck, S. O., 2009

Smith, D. J. & Shattuck, S. O., 2009, Six new, unusually small ants of the genus Leptomyrmex (Hymenoptera: Formicidae)., Zootaxa 2142, pp. 57-68: 63-64

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Leptomyrmex pilosus

sp. n.

Leptomyrmex pilosus  ZBK  HNS  sp. n.

(Figs 13-15, 19, 20, 22)

Types. Holotype worker from 3.0 km W of Cape Tribulation (Site 6) , 16°05'S 145°27'E, Queensland, 500m, 5-9 Jan. 1983, G.B.Monteith, rainforest, baited pitfall trap ( ANIC: ANIC 32-023631)GoogleMaps  ; four paratype workers, same data as holotype (2 each in AMSA, ANIC)  .

Diagnosis. Palps elongated, extending well beyond the posterior margin of the head capsule. Antennal scapes elongated (SI greater than 170, Fig. 20) and extending beyond the vertex of the head by about half their length. Distinctive abundant pilosity consisting of shorter adpressed and longer decumbent hairs.

Worker description. Vertex of head weakly convex to flat, corners rounded, sides of the head almost straight, head widest at mid-length. Scape relatively short, surpassing the vertex by about half its length. Palps long, extending to near the posterior of the head capsule. Medial hypostoma distinctly notched. Anterior mesonotum without a raised anterior region. Legs long. Hind tibial spur with reduced barbules, absent from basal 1/5th. Scale present, ridged and with a distinct angle dorsally, in profile bluntly angular, weakly inclined anteriorly, anterior and posterior faces of the scale approximately equal in length. Abundant relatively long appressed yellowish pubescence on mesosoma and gaster, pubescence short adpressed and long decumbent on head and antennal scapes.

Measurements. Wo r k e r (n = 7) - CI 78-80; EL 0.20-0.23; HL 0.91-0.98; HW 0.72-0.77; MTL 0.93-1.04; SI 171-175; SL 1.25-1.32; WL 1.43-1.53.

Additional material examined. Queensland: 3km W Cape Tribulation (Monteith,G.B.) ( ANIC); 3.5km W of Cape Tribulation (Site 7) (Monteith,G.B.) ( ANIC); Thornton Peak (Williams,S.) ( QMBA).

Comments. Leptomyrmex pilosus  ZBK  HNS  is restricted to rainforest to the west of Cape Tribulation, Queensland. Morphologically it is similar to L. aitchisoni  ZBK  HNS  but is readily distinguished by the abundant pilosity on all surfaces.


Australia, Australian Capital Territory, Canberra City, CSIRO, Australian National Insect Collection


Australia, New South Wales, Sydney, Australian Museum


Australia, Queensland, South Brisbane, Queensland Museum