Cataglyphis aenescens (Nylander, 1849)

Lapeva-Gjonova, Albena, Antonova, Vera, Radchenko, Alexander G. & Atanasova, Maria, 2010, Catalogue of the ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of Bulgaria, ZooKeys 62, pp. 1-124: 38

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Cataglyphis aenescens (Nylander, 1849)


Cataglyphis aenescens (Nylander, 1849) 

Myrmecocystus cursor  Fonsc. var. aenescens Nyl.: Atanassov 1936, 1964


(Map 73): Bulgaria [ Atanassov 1936 (as Myrmecocystus cursor var. aenescens  )]; Eastern Danubian Plain: Dunav river valley (lower reaches) ( Atanassov and Dlusskij 1992); CentralPredbalkan: Vit river valley (middle reaches) ( Atanassov and Dlusskij 1992); EasternStara Planina Mts: Sliven [ Forel 1892 (as Myrmecocystus cursor  )]; Ihtimanska Sredna Gora Mts: Benkovski peak [ Atanassov 1934 (as Myrmecocystus cursor  )]; Bakadzhik-Burgas district: Aytos [ Forel 1892 (as Myrmecocystus cursor  )]; Strandzha Mt.: [ Atanassov 1934 (as Myrmecocystus cursor  )]; Krupnik-Sandanski-Petrich Valley: west of Petrich, along Strumeshnitsa river, Kozhuh Mt. [ Atanassov 1964 (as Myrmecocystus cursor var. aenescens  )]; Western Rhodopi Mts: Peshtera [ Atanassov 1934 (as Myrmecocystus cursor  )]; Black Sea coast ( Atanassov and Dlusskij 1992); Southern Black Sea coast: Pomorie, Burgas, Sozopol, Veselie vill. [ Forel 1892 (as Myrmecocystus cursor  )].


Forel (1892) and Atanassov (1934) recorded Cataglyphis cursor  (as Myrmecocystus cursor  ) from Bulgaria; the species distribution in Mediterranean region runs from Iberian peninsula to Greece ( Agosti 1990, Radchenko 2007). We suggest that the occurence of Cataglyphis cursor  (which can hardly be distinguished from Cataglyphis aenescens  ) is rather improbable, and old records of this species should be considered as belonging to Cataglyphis aenescens  .