Novius octoguttatus (Weise)

Poorani, J., 2023, A review of the tribe Noviini (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) of the Indian subcontinent, Zootaxa 5311 (1), pp. 1-47 : 26-28

publication ID 10.11646/zootaxa.5311.1.1

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Novius octoguttatus (Weise)


Novius octoguttatus (Weise)

( Fig. 19 View FIGURE 19 )

Rodolia octoguttata Weise, 1910: 51 .

Novius octoguttatus: Pang et al. 2020: 20 View Cited Treatment .

Diagnosis. Length: 3.50–5.00 mm; width: 3.20–4.60 mm. Form ( Fig. 19a, e View FIGURE 19 ) elongate oval, dorsum strongly convex and densely pubescent. Ground colour dark reddish brown or rusty reddish brown; pronotum with two black spots on either side of midline above posterior margin, occasionally obsolete or absent; nominate form ( Fig. 19a, e View FIGURE 19 ) with each elytron having four black spots arranged in a 1-1-1-1 pattern, elytral spots often much enlarged; ventral side uniformly rusty red to yellowish brown. Male genitalia ( Fig. 19g –i View FIGURE 19 ) as illustrated.

Material examined. N. India, W. Almora, Kumaon, UP , India, H.G.C/G.C. Champion Coll. B.M. 1927-409/ Rodolia octoguttata Weise, Det. R.G. Booth 1991 , 1 ex ( BMNH) ; W. Almora Divn. Kumaon UP, July 1918, HGC/ GC Champion Coll. B.M. 1927-401 ( BMNH); W. Thailand, Kanchanaburi, 400 m, 25–27.iii.1988 / Farmland nr. river Kwai, M.J.D. Brendell, BM 1988-183, 1 ex ( BMNH) .

Distribution. India (Meghalaya, Uttarakhand, Rajasthan); Sri Lanka; Nepal; Myanmar; Thailand; China.

Prey/associated habitat. Icerya spp. Iqbal et al. (2018) recorded it as a predator of Drosicha mangiferae and the host plants were Eriobotrya japonica , Alstonia scholaris , Lagerstroemia indica , Mangifera indica and Dalbergia sissoo .

Seasonal occurrence. April–June and October in Pakistan ( Iqbal et al. 2018).

Notes. Kapur (1951) described it in detail and illustrated only truncated parts of the male and female genitalia. He mentioned that it belonged to the same group as N. fumidus , R. guerini , and R. andamanicus by the general shape of the body, and the characteristic subapical projection of the penis guide. Bielawski (1972) illustrated the habitus and male genitalia of this species. Novius quadrimaculatus v. sexmaculatus ( Mader, 1939) ( Fig. 19 View FIGURE 19 b-d, BMNH) is treated as a synonym of N. octoguttatus in Ren et al. (2009) but listed as a valid species in the world checklist of Novius given by Pang et al. (2020).














Novius octoguttatus (Weise)

Poorani, J. 2023

Rodolia octoguttata

Weise, J. 1910: 51
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