Truncatoflabellum trapezoideum (Keller, 1981)

Cairns, Stephen D., 2016, A key to the genera and species of the transversely-dividing Flabellidae (Anthozoa, Scleractinia, Flabellidae), with a guide to the literature, and the description of two new species, ZooKeys 562, pp. 1-48: 21

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Truncatoflabellum trapezoideum (Keller, 1981)


Taxon classification Animalia Scleractinia Flabellidae

Truncatoflabellum trapezoideum (Keller, 1981) 

Flabellum trapezoideum  Keller, 1981: 28, 31, pl. 1, figs 2 a–b.

Truncatoflabellum trapezoideum  : Cairns 1989b: Table 6; 1994: 79; 1995: 114.


Marcus-Necker Ridge, central North Pacific, 1630 m.


The species is known from only one specimen. It is very similar to Truncatoflabellum truncum  Cairns, 1982 (see Key and Table 2). Nomenclaturally, this species is similar to Flabellum trapezoidale  Osasco, 1895, a true Flabellum  known only from the Pliocene of Italy.