Crematogaster ampullaris

Smith, F., 1861, Catalogue of hymenopterous insects collected by Mr. A. R. Wallace in the Islands of Ceram, Celebes, Ternate, and Gilolo., Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 6, pp. 36-48: 47-48

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Crematogaster ampullaris


1. Crematogaster ampullaris  HNS  .

C. rufo-niger; capite thorace mul-tum latiore; parte postica thoracis dilatata; abdomine cordata.

Worker. Length 2 lines. Obscure fusco-ferruginous; the antennae, sides of the head, the nodes of the petiole, and the legs of a brighter red; the head much wider than the thorax and more shining; the metathorax much swollen and wider than the prothorax, swelling out on each side. Abdomen, heart-shaped, palest at the base and shining.

Hab. Celebes (Tondano).

The swollen metathorax in this species, I apprehend, is a receptacle for saccharine fluid; on each side is a small orifice, and beneath it, adhering to the thorax, are particles of crystallized masses, apparently formed of the fluid which has exuded from the receptacle. Two species from Sarawak, having similar formations, are described in the second volume of the ' Proceedings of the Linnean Society.