Crematogaster excisa subspecies andrei (Forel)

Wheeler, W. M., 1922, The ants collected by the American Museum Congo Expedition., Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 45, pp. 39-269: 153

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Crematogaster excisa subspecies andrei (Forel)


Crematogaster excisa subspecies andrei (Forel)  HNS 

Numerous workers from the Oso River and Sitaweza (between Walikale and Lubutu) (J. Bequaert). Dr. Bequaert took this subspecies at the former locality in the hollow stalks of a myrmecophytic creeper (Uncaria africana variety myrmecophyta) growing along the shore of the Oso River between Walikale and Lubutu (Part IV), in the latter locality in the hollow stalks of another myrmecophyte (Cuviera angolensis) in the Rain Forest (Part IV).

The following new variety of the subspecies impressa  HNS  , though not from the Belgian Congo, was described by Santschi in connection with the forms of excisa  HNS  which I sent him.