Temnothorax crassispinus (Karavaiev, 1926)

Lapeva-Gjonova, Albena, Antonova, Vera, Radchenko, Alexander G. & Atanasova, Maria, 2010, Catalogue of the ants (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) of Bulgaria, ZooKeys 62, pp. 1-124: 15

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Temnothorax crassispinus (Karavaiev, 1926)


Temnothorax crassispinus (Karavaiev, 1926) 


(Map 31): Sofia Basin: Sofia ( Lapeva-Gjonova and Atanasova 2004, Antonova 2004); Plana Mt.: Pasarel vill., Bukov dol loc. (Pasarel vill.), Muhchel peak (Dolni okol vill.), Peyova buka hut (Pasarel vill.), Alino vill. ( Vagalinski and Lapeva-Gjonova in press); Western Rhodopi Mts: Peshtera ( Lapeva-Gjonova in press (a)); Southern Bulgarian mountains: [ Seifert 1995 (as Leptothorax nylanderi slavonicus  )].


For many years Temnothorax crassispinus  was considered as a junior synonym of Temnothorax nylanderi  , but Radchenko (2000) showed that it is a good species, distributed mainly in the Eastern Europe including Bulgaria, while Temnothorax nylanderi  is mainly West European species. Nevertheless, we recently found Temnothorax nylanderi  in parks in Sofia. Therefore although most of the records of Temnothorax nylanderi  for Bulgaria from before 2000 should be Temnothorax crassispinus  , some of them might include also “true” Temnothorax nylanderi  , this question may be definitely resolved only after investigation of the correspondent material.