Nothobranchius melanospilus species group,

Stefano Valdesalici, 2007, A new species of the genus Nothobranchius (Cyprinodontiformes: Nothobranchiidae) from the coastal area of northeastern Mozambique., Zootaxa 1587, pp. 61-68: 61

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Nothobranchius melanospilus species group


[[ Nothobranchius melanospilus species group  ]]

The N. melanospilus  species group was defined by Wildekamp et al. (1998) and includes N. melanospilus (Pfeffer, 1896)  , N. vosseleri Ahl, 1924  , N. interruptus Wildekamp & Berkenkamp, 1979  , N. jubbi Wildekamp & Berkenkamp, 1979  (males of this species have a white marginal band on the caudal fin, and in the blue morph the red on caudal fin is variable and in some specimens/populations is limited to spots (Seegers, 1997; Wildekamp, 2004); both conditions are considered to be apomorphies), and N. elongatus Wildekamp, 1982  .