Chrysolina (Chalcoidea) sanguineocincta pinarbasiense, Özdikmen & Şahin & Bal, 2020

Özdikmen, Hüseyin, Şahin, Didem Coral & Bal, Neslihan, 2020, A New Subspecies Of Chrysolina Sanguineocincta (Crotch, 1871) From Turkey (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae: Chrysomelinae), Munis Entomology & Zoology 15 (1), pp. 85-90: 86-87

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Chrysolina (Chalcoidea) sanguineocincta pinarbasiense

subsp. nov.

Chrysolina (Chalcoidea) sanguineocincta pinarbasiense   subsp. nov.

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Material. Holotype: ♂, Turkey: Kayseri prov.: Pınarbaşı, Kılıçkışla , 38 o 39’48” N 36 o 12’37” E, 05.VI.2018, 1433 m (leg. D. Coral Şahin and N. Bal) GoogleMaps   . Paratype: ♂, Turkey: Kayseri prov.: Pınarbaşı, Kılıçkışla, 38 o 39’48” N 36 o 12’37” E, 05. VI.2018, 1433 m (leg. D. Coral Şahin and N. Bal).   Paratype: ♂, Turkey: Aksaray prov.: Kocaş, 11. V.2007, (leg. E. Koçak). Paratype: ♂, Turkey: Afyonkarahisar prov.: Emirdağ, 10. VI.1998, (leg. M. Özdemir).  

Male (holotype). Length of body 5.75 mm, width 3.25 mm.

Male (paratype). Length of body 6.50 mm, width 3.75 mm.

This new subspecies differs from the nominotypical one and the other one body length and aedeagal characters chiefly ( Figs. 3-6 View Figure 3 View Figure 4 View Figure 5 View Figure 6 ).

The new subspecies is relatively small one than the others. According to Warchalowski (2010), body length is about 7.0 mm in the subspecies Chrysolina sanguineocincta sanguineocincta (Crotch, 1871)   and Chrysolina sanguineocincta bodemeyeri (Weise, 1910)   . Body length is 5.75-6.50 mm in the new subspecies.

In dorsal and ventral view, apex of aedeagus is suddenly narrowed. Narrowed apical part of aedeagus is relatively elongated in Chrysolina marginata (Linnaeus, 1758)   while narrowed apical part of aedeagus is moderately long and relatively shorter in Chrysolina sangineocincta (Crotch, 1871)   .

In the new subspecies, aedeagus is stouter than the other two subspecies of Chrysolina sanguineocincta (Crotch, 1871)   in general view. Sudden narrowing before the apical part is the most sharp, so that a prominent shoulder-like structure is formed on both sides in the new subspecies. This character is much weaker in Chrysolina sanguineocincta sanguineocincta (Crotch, 1871)   and it is rounded in Chrysolina sanguineocincta bodemeyeri (Weise, 1910)   , so does not exist ( Fig. 5 View Figure 5 ).

Female: Unknown.

Distribution: The new subspecies is known only from Kayseri province (Pınarbaşı: Kılıçkışla), Aksaray province (Kocaş) in Central Anatolian region of Turkey and Afyonkarahisar province (Emirdağ) in Aegean region of Turkey. For the time being, the subspecies is endemic to the Turkey.

Etymology: Named after locus typicus, Pınarbaşı county in Kayseri province.


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