Antalis alis, Scarabino, 2008

Scarabino, Victor, 2008, New species and new records of scaphopods from New Caledonia, Mémoires du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle 196, pp. 215-268 : 225

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Antalis alis

n. sp.

Antalis alis n. sp.

Figs 1i, 2d

TYPE MATERIAL. — Holotype (dd) MNHN 20080 View Materials and 2 paratypes (dd), MNHN 20081-20082 View Materials .

TYPE LOCALITY. — South of New Caledonia, Ile des Pins, 22°52’S, 167°16’E, 530-541 m, [BATHUS 2: stn DW 720] GoogleMaps .

MATERIAL EXAMINED. — South of New Caledonia. BATHUS 2: stn DW 719, south of Ile des Pins, 22°48’S 167°16’E, 444-445 m, 1 dd (paratype MNHN 20082 View Materials ); stn DW 720, 22°52’S, 167°16’E, 530-541 m, 2 dd (holotype MNHN 20080 View Materials and paratype MNHN 20081 View Materials ) GoogleMaps .

DISTRIBUTION. — South of New Caledonia, 445-530 m, shells only.

DESCRIPTION. — Shell up to 86.4 mm long, solid, slightly curved, shiny, cream. Sculpture of 29 primary ribs at apex and a few secondary ribs beginning at different points along the shell. Ribs evident on dorsal side at central area of shell, while disappearing earlier on ventral side. On anterior 1/3 of shell, growth lines are dense and crossed by slight longitudinal undulations on the dorsal side only. Section slightly dorsoventrally depressed throughout. Apex simple, truncate, with shallow V-shaped notch in ventral side. Lumen circular, suboval at end of short projecting pipe fissured on dorsal side.

Measurements of holotype: L 86.4, W 5.6-5.5, w 1.3, arc 3.4.

REMARKS. — Antalis alis resembles A. gardineri (Melvill, 1909) but has more numerous ribs (15-16 in A. gardineri and 29 in A. alis ). The rib distribution is similar but, in A. alis the ribs are smooth, while in A. gardineri they exhibit sculpture most similar to that in A. boucheti Scarabino, 1995 .

ETYMOLOGY. — Named after the IRD research vessel Alis.