Dentalium poindimiensis, Scarabino, 2008

Scarabino, Victor, 2008, New species and new records of scaphopods from New Caledonia, Mémoires du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle 196, pp. 215-268: 220-221

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Dentalium poindimiensis

n. sp.

Dentalium poindimiensis   n. sp.

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TYPE MATERIAL. — Holotype (dd) MNHN 20070 View Materials and 10 paratypes (dd) MNHN 20071 View Materials .  

TYPE LOCALITY. — New Caledonia, off Poindimié , 20°49’S, 165°19’E, 105-110 m [LAGON: stn 830] GoogleMaps   .

MATERIAL EXAMINED. — Type material only.

DISTRIBUTION. — Only known from the type locality.

DESCRIPTION. — Shell small, up to 7.5 mm long, solid for its size, regularly curved and tapering, chalky translucent, polished. Twelve prominent primary ribs throughout the length of the shell. Intercostal spaces concave, smooth, one secondary rib in each intercostal space initiated near aperture, more evident on ventral side. Growth lines visible.

Section circular inside, polygonal outside because of ribs. Apex simple, truncate, no notch. Lumen circular. Measurements of holotype: L 7.5, W 0.8, w 0.3, arc 0.8.

REMARKS. — Small for the genus, this material was initially considered to consist of juveniles of another species, but

as no other similar species was found in the area, it is now treated as a distinct species.

ETYMOLOGY. — From Poindimié, the type locality.