Compressidentalium harasewychi, Scarabino, 2008

Scarabino, Victor, 2008, New species and new records of scaphopods from New Caledonia, Mémoires du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle 196, pp. 215-268 : 231-232

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Compressidentalium harasewychi

n. sp.

Compressidentalium harasewychi n. sp.

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TYPE MATERIAL. — Holotype (dd) MNHN 20089 View Materials and 16 paratypes (dd) MNHN 20090-20091 View Materials .

TYPE LOCALITY. — North of New Caledonia, Grand Passage, 18°50’S, 163°17’E, 610-660 m [BATHUS 4: stn DW 919] GoogleMaps .

MATERIAL EXAMINED. — North of New Caledonia. BATHUS 10 paratypes MNHN 20090 View Materials ).

4: stn DW 914, Grand Passage, 18°49’S, 163°15’E, 600-616 m, South of New Caledonia. BATHUS 2: stn DW 721, south of Ile

33 dd (6 paratypes MNHN 20091); stn DW 919, 18°50’S, des Pins, 22°54’S, 167°17’E, 525-547 m, 6 dd.

163°17’E, 610-660 m, 16 dd (holotype MNHN 20089 and

DISTRIBUTION. — Northern and southern New Caledonia, shells in 547-610 m.

DESCRIPTION. — Shell up to 27 mm long, solid, shiny, cream, straight for the anterior 3/4, gently curved at posterior end. Section subcircular throughout, compressed dorsoventrally. Sculpture of 11 smooth prominent primary ribs, stronger on dorsal than on ventral side. Intercostal spaces smooth. A few secondary ribs originate on posterior 1/3 of shell, not reaching the prominence of the primary ribs, all vanishing near a fragile oral aperture. Apex narrow with V-shaped notch on ventral side.

Measurements of holotype: L 27, W 2.6-2.3, w 0.50-0.48.

REMARKS. — This species is related to Compressidentaliulm ceciliae Scarabino, 1995 , but has fewer ribs (primary and secondary) and even in well preserved specimens the ribs do not reach the mouth. The shell outline is more irregular, less compressed, and the anterior area is smooth. It is also similar to Dentalium oryx Boissevain, 1906 , but that species has a circular section throughout.

ETYMOLOGY. — Named after Jerry Harasewych (USNM).


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