Compressidentalium legoffi, Scarabino, 2008

Scarabino, Victor, 2008, New species and new records of scaphopods from New Caledonia, Mémoires du Muséum national d'Histoire naturelle 196, pp. 215-268 : 232

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Compressidentalium legoffi

n. sp.

Compressidentalium legoffi n. sp.

Figs 1m, 2f

TYPE MATERIAL. — Holotype (dd) MNHN 20092 View Materials and 2 (dd) paratypes MNHN 20093 View Materials .

TYPE LOCALITY. — South of New Caledonia, off Ile des Pins, 22°59’- 23° S, 168°21’- 168°23’E, 491-558 m [SMIB 8: stns DW 193-196] GoogleMaps .

MATERIAL EXAMINED. — Known only from the type material.

DISTRIBUTION. — Known only from the type locality, shells in 491-558 m.

DESCRIPTION. — Shell up to 19.7 mm long, solid, shiny, white, straight for anterior 2/3, curved at posterior end. Sculpture of 15 smooth primary ribs, stronger on dorsal than on ventral side. Intercostal spaces smooth. A few secondary ribs originate on posterior 1/3 of shell, less noticeable from these to oral aperture. Mouth slightly compressed dorsoventrally, oblique; apex circular with V-shaped notch in ventral side.

Measurements: L 19.7, W 2.6-2.5, w 0.6.

REMARKS. — Ths species is similar to C. harasewychi , described above, but it is more tapering and curved, and with a circular rather than subcircular apex section.

ETYMOLOGY. — Named after Arnaud Le Goff (formerly at MNHN) for his technical assistance in SEM microscopy and his diving skills during the LIFOU 2000 expedition.