Oculudentavis khaungraae, Xing et al.

Bolet, Arnau, Stanley, Edward L., Daza, Juan D., Arias, J. Salvador, Cernanský, Andrej, Vidal-García, Marta, Bauer, Aaron M., Bevitt, Joseph J., Peretti, Adolf & Evans, Susan E., 2021, Unusual morphology in the mid-Cretaceous lizard Oculudentavis, Current Biology 31, pp. 1-12 : 4

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https://doi.org/ 10.1016/j.cub.2021.05.040



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scientific name

Oculudentavis khaungraae


Oculudentavis khaungraae

Holotype Hupoge Amber Museum, HPG-15-3 , a complete skull preserved in amber ( Figures 2K–2T View Figure 2 , 3B, 3D View Figure 3 , and S 1 View Figure 1 ). After its publication, we were given access to scan data of the holotype but do not have the authority to make it publicly available, although a rendering of this specimen can be accessed here: https:// tinyurl.com/Oculudentavis-A-10420.

Type locality

Cenomanian 98.8 ± 0.6 Ma, 14 Aung Bar mine, Tanai Township (Myitkyina District, Hukawng Valley , Kachin province), northern Myanmar.


Jugal process of maxilla thatreaches caudally to at least the level of mid-orbit; 1 short squamosal process of the postorbital; large braincase with long, unexpanded basipterygoid processes on the basisphenoid; medial flange of pterygoid diverges posterolaterally along the entire length; interpterygoid vacuity heart shaped; premaxilla much longer than wide; recurved anterior marginal teeth (on premaxilla); and a well-developed flattened surface on the dorsolabial margin of the posterior portion of the dentary.

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