Synergus facialis Hartig, 1840

Forshage, Mattias, Bowdrey, Jeremy, Broad, Gavin R., Spooner, Brian M. & van Veen, Frank, 2017, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Cynipoidea, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 8049-8049: 8049

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Synergus facialis Hartig, 1840


Synergus facialis Hartig, 1840 

gallaepomiformis  misident.


England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland


This species has hitherto been known as S. gallaepomiformis  in Britain but it was shown in Pujade-Villar (2005) that this name refers to another species (of Saphonecrus  ) and the widespread species should be called facialis  . Melika (2006a) proposed that gallaepomiformis  (Boyer de Fonscolombe, 1832, Diplolepis  ) should be retained as the valid name but did not make an application to ICZN to overturn the type designation of gallaepomiformis  .