Syrphoctonus rhysus ( Momoi, 1973 )

Klopfstein, Seraina, 2011, A review of the Diplazontinae of Mongolia (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae), Zootaxa 2790, pp. 35-53 : 45

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Syrphoctonus rhysus ( Momoi, 1973 )


Syrphoctonus rhysus ( Momoi, 1973)

Two females from the same locality match the description of the holotype, one is here designated as lectotype.

Type material. Lectotype: Mongolia - Central aimak, Tosgoni ovoo, 5–10 km N from Ulan-Baator, 1500– 1700 m, 19–20., 23–24. 0 7.1967. Labelling of the lectotype: MONGOLIA: Central aimak; Tosgoni ovoo, 5–10 km N; von Ulan-Baator, 1500–1700 m; Exp.Dr.Z.KASZAB, 1967 // Nr. 926; 19–20., 23–24.; VII. 1967 // Homotropus ; rhysus ; Det. S. MOMOI,`// Lectotypus; Homotropus Ψ; rhysus Momoi ; label: S.Klopfstein '06. Paralectotype: 1 Ψ from the same locality (all HNHM).

Diagnosis. This species belongs to the pictus -group of Syrphoctonus , and is like S. liparus very close to S. pictus and S. megaspis . Characters that distinguish it from these two species are the darkened front coxae, the more intensely striated second tergite and the more strongly coriaceous mesopleurae.


Hungarian Natural History Museum (Termeszettudomanyi Muzeum)