Xenogryllini Robillard, 2004

Jaiswara, Ranjana, Dong, Jiajia, Ma, Libin, Yin, Haisheng & Robillard, Tony, 2019, Taxonomic revision of the genus Xenogryllus Bolívar, 1890 (Orthoptera, Gryllidae, Eneopterinae, Xenogryllini), Zootaxa 4545 (3), pp. 301-338: 304

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Xenogryllini Robillard, 2004


Xenogryllini Robillard, 2004 

Emended diagnosis. Crickets of contrasted sizes, generally light brown; head higher than wide in facial view; fastigium rather wide; eyes of variable sizes, usually ornamented with thin dorso-ventral dark stripes. TI with two tympana, inner one covered by a sclerotized expansion, its membrane visible along a longitudinal slit only; outer tympanum oval in shape, its surface smooth. TIII spurs characteristic of the subfamily, with four pairs of subapical spurs and three apical spurs on each side, the median the longest; subapical spurs rather straight, with curved apex as in Nisitrini  . Wings variable within the tribe in males and females. Male. Metanotum with characteristic glandular structures, with a dense bunch of very long setae on scutum anterior edge. Dorsal margin of subgenital plate with baso-lateral glandular structure on dorsal edge with a median invagination. Male FW venation: 2A and 3A veins narrowly coupled at plectrum level; harp veins variable; mirror generally well developed and rounded; bases of CuA2 and CuA3 fused. Male genitalia: Pseudepiphallic lophi well-developed, long and sclerotized, usually with an apical hook-like expansion; pseudepiphallus with lateral membranous lobes more or less developed; rami fused with pseudepiphallic sclerite, rather short with convergent apex; ectophallic arc faintly or not sclerotized; endophallic sclerite with long latero-posterior arms connected to ectophallic fold, and short anterior region; endophallic apodeme with wide lateral lamellas. Female. Ovipositior apex not denticulate, variably pointed.

Distribution. Asia ( Japan, China, India, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, Pakistan, Bangladesh) and Sub- Saharan Africa.