Praravinia triflora (Quisumb. & Merr.) Bremek., J.

Ordas, Jorge Anton D., Pinarok, Neil Alejandro A., Romeroso, Roanne B., Alejandro, Grecebio Jonathan D. & Banag-Moran, Cecilia I., 2019, A checklist of Rubiaceae species from Eastern Samar, Visayas, Philippines, Check List 15 (2), pp. 295-312 : 309

publication ID 10.15560/15.2.295

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Praravinia triflora (Quisumb. & Merr.) Bremek., J.


Praravinia triflora (Quisumb. & Merr.) Bremek., J.

Arnold Arb. 21 (1940) 47.

Materials examined. Table 2.

Tree about 3 m high, branches densely pubescent. Leaves elliptic, 14–15 × 3.5–5 cm, pubescent, especially on the nerves. Flowers not seen. Infructescences in clusters of 3 fruits, globose, 3–4 mm, puberulous.

This species was only known from its type locality in Casiguran, Aurora, eastrern Luzon. Our new record from Eastern Samar might indicate an expansive geo- graphic distribution across the eastern portion of the Philippines. This species thrives along streams on low elevation primary or secondary forests.