William G. R. Crampton & James S. Albert, 2003, Redescription of Gymnotus coropinae (Gymnotiformes, Gymnotidae), an often misidentified species of Neotropical electric fish, with notes on natural history and electric signals., Zootaxa 348, pp. 1-20: 1

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[[ Gymnotus  ZBK  ]]

Gymnotus  ZBK  is the focus of intensive ongoing taxonomic attention and may now be the best known of all the Neotropical electric fish genera (Mago-Leccia 1994; Albert & Miller 1995; Campos da Paz 1996; Campos da Paz & Costa 1996; Fernandes-Matioli & AlmeidaToledo1998; Fernandes-Matioli et al. 1998; Albert et al. 1999; Campos da Paz 2000; Fernandes-Matioli et al. 2000; Albert 2001; Albert & Crampton 2001; Fernandes-Matioli & Almeida-Toledo 2001; Campos da Paz 2002; Albert & Crampton 2003; Campos da Paz 2003; Crampton et al. 2003). Gymnotus  ZBK  is the most diverse of the gymnotiform genera, with 27 valid species including the species redescribed herein (Table 1). It is also the most geographically widespread, occurring throughout lowland Middle and South America from southern Mexico to the Pampas of Argentina (Albert 2001).