Dolichoderus laotius Santschi, 1920

Liu, Cong, Guenard, Benoit, Garcia, Francisco Hita, Yamane, Seiki, Blanchard, Benjamin, Yang, Da-Rong & Economo, Evan, 2015, New records of ant species from Yunnan, China, ZooKeys 477, pp. 17-78: 27

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scientific name

Dolichoderus laotius Santschi, 1920


Taxon classification Animalia Hymenoptera Formicidae

Dolichoderus laotius Santschi, 1920  Figure 10

Material examined.

CHINA, Yunnan, Xishuangbanna: Man Sai village (21.858° N, 101.276° E), Secondary forest,, 5 worker, 690m, Hand collection, B. Guénard, B. Blanchard and C. Liu  .


Yunnan (new record), Laos, Thailand (Figure 10 C). This collection represents the northern-most record of Dolichoderus laotius  .

Taxonomic note.

There is no available key for the genus in the region. Our identification is based on the description provided by Dill et al. (2002).

Natural history.

Little is known about the bionomics of Dolichoderus laotius  . This species has been collected on a tree trunk in secondary forest.