Drosophila speciosa Silva and Martins, 2004

Grimaldi, David A., 2016, Revision of the Drosophila bromeliae Species Group (Diptera: Drosophilidae): Central American, Caribbean, and Andean Species, American Museum Novitates 2016 (3859), pp. 1-56 : 25

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https://doi.org/ 10.1206/3859.1



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Drosophila speciosa Silva and Martins, 2004


Drosophila speciosa Silva and Martins, 2004

DIAGNOSIS: Body yellowish, palpus pale brown; arista typically with 4-2 dorsal-ventral branches; surstylus with 11–13 long prensisetae pegs; hypandrium trapezoidal; oviscapt with ca. 15 pegs. Most similar to D. bromeliae and bromelioides .

DESCRIPTION: See Silva and Martins (2004).

TYPE: Holotype, ♂: BRAZIL: “obtained 05 July 2001 from isofemale strain N06012.01 from inflorescence of Theobroma speciosum collected: Brazil, Pará, Belém , germplasm collection, 01°20′S, 48°03′W; A.A.R. da Silva, 14 June 2001.” Paratype males and females from this and other strains, same locality, plus Curuçá (Caxiuaña Scientific Station), Pará, Brazil. All deposited in Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi , Belém , Pará, Brazil GoogleMaps .

COMMENTS: I did not examine specimens of this species.