Drosophila aguape Val and Marques, 1996

Grimaldi, David A., 2016, Revision of the Drosophila bromeliae Species Group (Diptera: Drosophilidae): Central American, Caribbean, and Andean Species, American Museum Novitates 2016 (3859), pp. 1-56 : 24-25

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https://doi.org/ 10.1206/3859.1

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Drosophila aguape Val and Marques, 1996


Drosophila aguape Val and Marques, 1996

DIAGNOSIS: Externally distinctive, body dark brown, frons reddish brown, thorax with “ochre pollinosity,” tergites with dark posterior bands; arista with 3-2 dorsal-ventral branches, one pair of prescutellars. Terminalia: surstylus with 8–9 prensiseta pegs; hypandrium trapezoidal; distiphallus thick, length> 0.5× that of aedeagal shaft; oviscapt with 18–20 pegs; spermatheca similar to that of bromeliae and bromelioides , height approximately equal to width, introvert about 0.5× capsule height.

DESCRIPTION: see Val and Marques (1996).

TYPE: Holotype, ♂: BRAZIL: Mato Grasso, Estaçaõ Ecológica da Ilha de Taiamã (16°50′S, 57°38′W). In Museu da Zoologia de São Paulo, SP Brazil. GoogleMaps

DISTRIBUTION: Known only from the type locality. COMMENTS: Collected and reared from the flowers of water hyacinth, Eichhornia azurea ( Pontederiaceae ), in the Brazilian Pantanal ( Val and Marques, 1996). I did not examine specimens of this species.