Triaeris togo, Platnick & Dupérré & Ubick & Fannes, 2012

Platnick, Norman I., Dupérré, Nadine, Ubick, Darrell & Fannes, Wouter, 2012, Got Males?: The Enigmatic Goblin Spider Genus Triaeris (Araneae, Oonopidae), American Museum Novitates 2012 (3756), pp. 1-36 : 32-33

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Triaeris togo

sp. nov.

Triaeris togo View in CoL , new species

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TYPE: Male holotype taken in pitfall trap at Bassari, Kara, Togo (May–July 1984; P. Douben), deposited in MRAC (174124, PBI_OON 9396) .

ETYMOLOGY: The specific name is a noun in apposition taken from the type locality.

DIAGNOSIS: Males resemble those of T. ibadan but have an unpatterned palp and legs, and more leaf-shaped setae on the palpal patella (fig. 74); females resemble those of T. stenaspis in having genitalia with an external slit along the midline (fig. 78), but that slit is shorter and situated on a more acutely pointed elevated plate.

MALE (PBI_OON 9396, figs. 68–74): Total length 1.54. Carapace orange-brown, sides finely reticulate, with submarginal dark stripe extending almost as far anterior as coxa I; dark longitudinal stripe present along midline. ALE largest, separated by their radius to diameter; posterior eye row procurved from front. Sternum pale orange. Chelicerae yellow, labium, endites dark red-brown. Dorsal scutum yellow-brown, covering most of abdomen length, more than half of abdomen width. Postepigastric scutum yellow-brown, long, almost rectangular, covering about 2/3 of abdomen length. Legs yellow, without color pattern. Leg spination: patellae: I v0-1p-1r; II v0-1p-0; tibiae: I v2-4-0; II v1p-1p-0; IV v0-0-2. Palp proximal segments, cymbium, bulb all white; embolus simple, single projection.

FEMALE (PBI_OON 9301, figs. 75–80): Total length 1.67. Carapace pale orange, with vague indications of submarginal dark stripe but dark longitudinal stripe distinct. Mouthparts pale orange. Dorsal scutum pale orange. Postepigastric scutum pale orange, without posteriorly directed lateral apodemes. Leg spination: patellae: I v0-1p-1r; II v0-0-1r; tibiae: I v2-4-0; II v1r-1r-0; IV v0-0-2. Postepigastric scutum externally with median, triangular elevation, posterior margin of elevation over circular opening continued as slit along midline for about 1/3 of process length; anterior receptaculum bell shaped, posterior receptaculum long, narrow.

OTHER MATERIAL EXAMINED: Togo: Kara: Bassari , May–July 1984, pitfalls (P. Douben, MRAC 174125 View Materials , 223908 View Materials , PBI_OON 9301, 9385), 1♂, 1♀ ; between Bassari and Sokodé, 1°01′N, 9°01′E, May–July 1984, wooded savanna (P. Douben, MRAC 166213 View Materials , 166215 View Materials , 223889 View Materials , PBI_ OON 9302, 9371, 9382), 3♂, 2♀ GoogleMaps .



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