Alloxysta macrophadnus (Hartig, 1841)

Forshage, Mattias, Bowdrey, Jeremy, Broad, Gavin R., Spooner, Brian M. & van Veen, Frank, 2017, Checklist of British and Irish Hymenoptera - Cynipoidea, Biodiversity Data Journal 5, pp. 8049-8049: 8049

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Alloxysta macrophadnus (Hartig, 1841)


Alloxysta macrophadnus (Hartig, 1841) 

Xystus macrophadnus  Hartig, 1841

testacea  misident.

aptera  misident.

brachyptera  misident.

fuscipes  misident.

nigriventris  misident.

macrophadna  misspelling

filicornis  (Cameron, 1889, Allotria  )

scutellata  Kieffer, 1902

rubromaculata  Kieffer, 1902 ( Alloxysta nigriventris  var.)


England, Scotland, Wales


Alloxysta testeacea  is recorded as a misidentification of macrophadna  by Fergusson (1986) but erroneously listed as a valid species, occurring in Britain, in Fauna Europaea ( Noyes et al. 2004), but with the comment that the species might be synonymous with pleuralis  .