Polyrhachis vibidia,

Smith, F., 1861, Catalogue of hymenopterous insects collected by Mr. A. R. Wallace in the Islands of Ceram, Celebes, Ternate, and Gilolo., Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 6, pp. 36-48: 42

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Polyrhachis vibidia


18. Polyrhachis vibidia  HNS  .

P. niger, capite thoraceque rude punc-tatis; thorace ovato, antice posticeque abdomimsque squama spinis duabus acutis armatis; abdomine ovato.

Female. Length 3 1 / 2 lines. Black; the head and thorax with large deep punctures; the head with a large prominence in front, the lateral margins of which are expanded into elevated flat scales, beneath which the antennae are inserted, the extreme tip of the latter pale rufo-testaceous; the eyes very prominent. Thorax ovate, with a short stout spine on each side in front; the metathorax with two stout acute spines, rather longer than the front ones; the node of the peduncle with two short divergent acute spines; the tibiae and femora ferruginous, the apex of the latter and base of the former dusky or black; the claws of the tarsi rufo-testaceous. Abdomen globose, smooth and shining; the entire insect thinly covered with cinereous pubescent pile. (Pl. I. fig. 17.)

Hab. Celebes (Tondano).