Holopyga purpurea

Smith, F., 1860, Descriptions of new species of hymenopterous insects collected by Mr. A. R. Wallace at Celebes. (Part Formicidae), Journal of the Proceedings of the Linnean Society of London, Zoology 5, pp. 57-93: 68

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Holopyga purpurea


1. Holopyga purpurea  .

H. purpurea, nitens, violaceo variegata; metathorace crasse punctatissimo ; abdominis margine apicali arcuato, integerrimo ; alis subhyalinis.

Length 33/4f lines. Dark blue, with tints of bright purple and green ; the head, pro-, and mesothorax finely punctured, the prothorax with large coarse punctures at the sides ; the metathorax with large deep fossulets at the sides ; wings light brown, with their base hyaline. Abdomen delicately punctured, smooth and shining ; the body brilliant green beneath.

Hab. Makassar.