Parmaturus pilosus Garman , 1906

Hsu, Hua Hsun, Joung, Shoou Jeng, Ebert, David A. & Lin, Chia Yen, 2013, Records of new and rare elasmobranchs from Taiwan, Zootaxa 3752 (1), pp. 249-255: 251

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Parmaturus pilosus Garman , 1906


Parmaturus pilosus Garman, 1906 

Salamander shark

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Parmaturus pilosus Garman, 1906  (Bull. Mus. Comp. Zool. Harvard, 46 (11): 204; type locality: 34 ° 59 'N, 139 ° 31 'E, Sagami Bay, Japan).

Material examined. (2 specimens). EBFS020204010602- 1, 58.8 cm TL, mature female, Cheng-gong, April 2012. EBFS020204010602- 2, 60.1 cm TL, mature female, Cheng-gong, April 2012. Egg capsule 1: 79.55 mm × 30.76 mm × 15.68 mm with a 37.42 mm × 27.10 mm oval egg ( Figure 3View FIGURE 3). Egg capsule 2: 76.52 mm × 19.28 mm × 14.47 mm with a 40.74 mm × 18.35 columned egg. Five specimens were obtained from a fish buyer, but three individuals were processed and sold, while two others were kept for research; two egg capsules (EBFS020204010602- 3) from 1 of 3 processed individuals were also retained and are deposited with the two intact specimens.

Diagnosis. Snout moderately short and broadly rounded, 2 / 3 of mouth width; nasal flaps large, narrow-based and lobate; gill septa not excavated and concave posteriorly. First dorsal fin about as large as second; first dorsal origin just behind pelvic origins; first dorsal insertion slightly behind pelvic insertions; second dorsal smaller than anal fin; second dorsal origin well behind anal origin; second dorsal insertion about over anal insertion; ventral edge of caudal peduncle and preventral caudal margin with a crest of enlarged denticles.

Distribution. Known previously from off southern Japan, these new records extends its geographic range to the deep waters off northeastern Taiwan.