Gastromyzon borneensis group

H. H. Tan & Z. H. Sulaiman, 2006, Three new species of Gastromyzon (Teleostei: Balitoridae) from the Temburong River basin, Brunei Darussalam, Borneo., Zootaxa 1117, pp. 1-19: 3

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Gastromyzon borneensis group


Gastromyzon borneensis group  ZBK 

Diagnosis.-This species group is defined by the following combination of characters: presence of a postoral pouch, just before or at level of pectoral-fin origin; presence of a secondary rostrum (except for G. monticola  and G. ornaticauda  ZBK  ); a vertical gill slit; absence of a subopercular groove; absence of scales on abdomen; caudal fin with barred pattern (except for G. ornaticauda  ZBK  ); and large adult size (maximum 70-95 mm SL).