Diaphanogryllacris laeta laeta ( Walker, 1869 )

Ingrisch, Sigfrid, 2018, New taxa and records of Gryllacrididae (Orthoptera, Stenopelmatoidea) from South East Asia and New Guinea with a key to the genera, Zootaxa 4510 (1), pp. 1-278 : 167

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https://doi.org/ 10.11646/zootaxa.4510.1.1

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Diaphanogryllacris laeta laeta ( Walker, 1869 )


Diaphanogryllacris laeta laeta ( Walker, 1869) View in CoL

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syn.: Diaphanogryllacris chinensis (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1888)

Material examined. China: Hongkong, (22°15'N, 114°10'E), leg. Reitter— 1 male (type of D. chinensis ) (Wien NHMW) GoogleMaps ; Fujian [Fukien], Wuyi Shan (mts.), Shaowu, elev. 500 m (27°18'N, 117°30'E), 19.vi.1937, leg. J. Klapperich— 1 female (Bonn ZFMK) GoogleMaps .

Additional Description. Tegmen (type of D. chinensis , Fig. 53F View FIGURE 53 ): Radius with two branches, both forked near tip; media anterior free, in subbasal area closely approached to radius; cubitus anterior at base with a single branch that forks into two veins, the anterior branch makes a curvature and receives an oblique connection vein from MA and shortly after divides again into two parallel branches, MP and CuA1, while the posterior branch (CuA2) does not divide further; cubitus posterior undivided, free throughout; with 4 anal veins, last two with common stem.

Coloration. Tegmen semi-transparent with dark brown veins and veinlets, towards tip paler; hind wing semitransparent with dark brown veins and veinlets, towards tip paler, main veins darker than veinlets.

Male. Eighth abdominal tergite little prolonged. Ninth abdominal tergite globular with apical area bent down, vertical hind margin depressed in middle forming an open cavity that is dorsally covered by a short rounded lobe; inserted dorsolaterally of this cavity on both sides with a long, faintly sinuate process that is stout at base, then narrowing and in about apical half compressed. Tenth abdominal tergite in middle and between projections of ninth tergite with a pair of upright projections that are stout at base, spinose at tip and in situ terminating under the apical projection of the hind margin of the ninth tergite ( Fig. 57I View FIGURE 57 ). Subgenital plate with nearly parallel lateral margins; apical margin in middle with bi-fid projection; stout styli inserted at latero-apical angles of plate.

Female (from Shaowu). Seventh abdominal sternite of normal shape. Subgenital plate fully membranous, not distinguished from intersegmental membrane, distinctly longer than preceding sternites, at base in middle with a small membranous elevation; apical flap free, triangular with obtuse tip. Ovipositor elongate substraight; tip with narrowed margins, subobtuse.

Discussion. The structures of the appendages of the male abdominal apex of the holotype of synonym of D. chinensis (Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1888) fully agree with those given by Gorochov & Woznessenskij (2000) for D. laeta laeta ( Walker, 1869) .


Naturhistorisches Museum, Wien


Zoologisches Forschungsmuseum Alexander Koenig

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