Capnogryllacris Karny, 1937

Ingrisch, Sigfrid, 2018, New taxa and records of Gryllacrididae (Orthoptera, Stenopelmatoidea) from South East Asia and New Guinea with a key to the genera, Zootaxa 4510 (1), pp. 1-278 : 135

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Capnogryllacris Karny, 1937


Capnogryllacris Karny, 1937 View in CoL

Cyanogryllacris Karny, 1937 View in CoL syn. nov.

Type species: Locusta fumigata De Haan, 1842

Type species of Cyanogryllacris : Gryllacris grassii Griffini, 1912b

Discussion. Species of the genus Capnogryllacris were formerly split over five genera Borneogryllacris , Capnogryllacris , Cyanogryllacris , Dictyogryllacris , Erythrogryllacris, Marthogryllacris ( Karny 1937) , mainly based on color pattern of the wings. Gorochov (2003) regarded Borneogryllacris as synonym of Capnogryllacris while Liu, Bi & Zhang (2010) and Li et al (2014) treated Borneogryllacris as subgenus of Marthogryllacris . Later, Gorochov et al. (2015a) treated Borneogryllacris, Erythrogryllacris and Marthogryllacris as synonyms under the subgenus Capnogryllacris and kept only Dictyogryllacris as valid subgenus. In this paper another genus, Cyanogryllacris , is added to the synonymy of the subgenus Capnogryllacris .

The type species of Cyanogryllacris Karny, 1937 is Gryllacris grassii Griffini, 1912 . According to the original description and illustration given by Griffini (1912b), the tegmen of C. grassii shows the typical color pattern of species similar to C. borneoensis ( Haan, 1842) , type species of Borneogryllacris : a large black spot at base encircling a transparent oval spot. Shape and venation of tegmen are very similar to a female of C. borneoensis in NHMW except that M and RS are not temporarily fused as shown by Karny (1924a) but only leaning at each other. Regarding the blue color of that spot (name giving for the genus Cyanogryllacris ) Karny (1924a) writes (translated from German): "With »cyaneus« he [ Griffini 1912b] understands black with beautiful blue metallic luster, not azure". There is thus no doubt that Gryllacris grassii Griffini 1912b is congeneric with C. borneoensis . Borneogryllacris was synonymised by Gorochov (2003) with Capnogryllacris and later ( Gorochov et al. 2015a) even regarded as synonym of the subgenus Capnogryllacris . As a consequence, G. grassii should also be transferred to Capnogryllacris . As it is the typus generis and the only species included, Cyanogryllacris becomes a new synonym of Capnogryllacris (Capnogryllacris) .












Capnogryllacris Karny, 1937

Ingrisch, Sigfrid 2018


Karny 1937
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